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    Used to be the Kingslayer, used to be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oneru View Post
    Back in Molten Core in Vanilla, about 20 people up and the rest still being ressed. Cidet, our rogue, goes in stealth and moves up to Ragnaros. About 5 seconds later, Ragnaros aggroes and starts killing all of us again. Everyone is pissed and I whisper Cidet "wtf happened?!". All he replies me is...

    "Target has no pockets"

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    Just "Hannah".

    It's a palindrome. Like Bolton.

    Bread is the paper of the food industry.
    You write your sandwich on it.

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    Pandaren Monk GenaiTN's Avatar
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    Brighton, East Sussex
    Felir. Shocker, I know.

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    use to be Dkbenefitz from my Blood DK days

    Benefuzz - Guardian Druid
    7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare <Reckoning> Mannoroth // Live Stream

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    along with that I have a priest Sánsá, a warrior Áshá* and a shaman Cérseí

    to say that I have no imagination when it comes to names would be an understatement ^^

    *Asha was renamed to Yara in the series

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    Jaina Proudmoore's side. Always and forever.
    I had Lothor Lightsworn once. Until a bitch decided to be...well bitchy.

    Paladin-Sorcerer at your service! My Youtube Channel

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    Vosslar The Light Of Dawn. Stolen from FFXII, but I like it.

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    Grand Marshal Mithfir. A friend gave me the surname Dawnheld, so I used it for my guardian in GW2

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    valoriah.. cause i love the pixies.. couldnt spell it the right way cause it wasnt available :{

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    Blitz, Master of the Ways

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    A better expansion.
    Chiro, I made it up on the spot when I server transferred and wanted to log in right away. It has certainly grown on me tho! Teh Chiro! Chirodin!

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    Shiningforce, after a couple of my favorite all-time games.
    Once you go troll, you never reroll. -heard on Epic.

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    Belore i like it and what it stands for

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    I started as Tanin, then morphed to Tanyn when I server transferred. When I changed to Horde I picked Female Blood Elf and changed my name to Trystra. A female twist of Trystin.

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    Grim Batol - eu

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    Maxamillian of Stormwind.
    Great Uther's ghost, it's chasing after us! Squire, do something! Throw rocks at it! I have no plan!

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    Eugenik The Undying sometimes Justicar, depends on my mood
    Last edited by Eugenik; 2013-02-17 at 06:53 PM.
    Let's look at the test results. You are a horrible person. It says right here, you're a horrible person. We weren't even testing that. Don't let the horrible person thing get you down though. Science justified your parents choice to abandon you.

    Eugenik - Tchondrius

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    Starcaller Durzin

    this is post 666 for me.. ironic being a pally thread

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    All my toons are named after underground rappers lol, and i try to make the name fit the class, but my paladin doesnt fit i jus like the name lol, "Grand Marshal Slug"

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