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    I named mine Riel'thas (minus the mark for simplicity - Rielthas) after Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider

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    Always loved Absalom for male Blood Elf Protection ... such a shame he's a Tauren now ...
    Mine is Sathiel.

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    Bubblebeef taurenpala

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    When my paladin was Alliance he was called Delsin, transferred him to Horde and renamed him Alberichs, just seemed fitting for a Blood Elf and I don't know why. Also about a week later a druid appeared with the old name. Guess it was popular.

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    Arngrim because I'm super original.
    Mountains rise in the distance stalwart as the stars, fading forever.
    Roads ever weaving, soul ever seeking the hunter's mark.

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    Originally it was Boran, as my forum name here, but then I server transffered and then came back to find my name was taken by a level 6 alt , so I renamed myself Aureus

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    My paladin's name is Secretlight. I'm really surprised it was available too! :O

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    Yuengling the Light of Dawn (most fitting title for a Paladin besides maybe Crusader). My most commonly consumed beverage. Easy drinking and delicious.

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    Vigilanti of Kel'Thuzad, not related to Vigilate who now plays a rogue, Rest in Peace

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    Paladin name is Vejek. But don't recall any real reason I came up with that one.

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    Zeiram, after the alien in the Iria OVA/movie.

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    Piotyr. with a weird I cause some asshat has the name, and Blizz won't force a name change cause the account is still "Active"

    Anyone who's played Quest For Glory will understand
    We're all newbs, some are just more newbier than others.

    3DS FC 0920-0769-4582 Trainer: Y: SinR, OR: May. Safari: Wartortle/Octillery/Frogadier

    Just a burned out hardcore raider turned casual.
    I has BfA Alpha. Meh

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    I have two a 90 one named Uninvitedcat. and my level 13 one who is named Daniel.

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    Simplejackie-- Sadly, I never did go full retadin. It was a rename before Wrath launched. I think Gydeon was the name in BC. Judgejudy must have been taken.

    On occasion, I'll play Simplejack (formerly Pnightmare). The actual owner of Simplejack has not played him since BC, when he was an arena healer. What kills me is that despite there being no difference whatsoever between these two tanks aside from names and character (same UI, same player, same gear, same, robotic techniques), strangers are always eager to gargle Jack's balls as the greatest tank ever while Jackie is largely ignored.
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    Sir Ruric of Northshire Abbey
    Quote Originally Posted by Ershiin View Post
    Oh.. My.. God..
    This is petty beyond belief.

    Why dont we start complaining about how M&Ms should be color coded while we're at it?
    Or how it should be called a Burger with Cheese because Cheeseburger is misleading?

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    Crusader Dalrien

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    Cairnedinal (Cardinal + Carine) :P, guess race
    Mother pus bucket!

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