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    after the great Jimi Hendrix, sadly Hendrix was taken

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    Vaetheor. I just made it up.

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    My Paladin's name is Aenomaus, which is a misspelled version of Oenomaus which is the Gladiator's trainer or Doctore from the series Spartacus. He had the strength and fighting skill of a Warrior, and the virtues of a Priest or leader. So bam a Holy Warrior or Paladin. 90% of my characters names are randomly generated.

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    Mine is Jinno, from Afro Samurai.

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    Crusader Lightmare

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    Firelord Dromkal

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    I chose it because she's a Female Dwarf Paladin, and my guild hates them with a passion for some reason.
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    Nimina - my sister was in a students organization and called Nima but that name was already taken.

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    <-- Iktankniet is my pala name. Although longtime not being active, I didnt want to tank
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    Mine is called Baelgorlad

    Male Dwarf Paladin

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    Historically Absnthminded (hence the mmoc account Absintheminded, it's been my go-to tag for probably a decade now), but with my Tauren Pally I had to go with Majinmoo.

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    First toon was a rogue, name Kenyan. Black human male, engineer. So, with rocket boots and sprint/prep he was always running fast, like Kenyans.

    Then rolled a pally (also engineer). Since Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, this would be his name, as he was king of the Kenyans.
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    We'll all be appropriately shocked/amazed when Nairobi actually gets an avatar, but until then, let's try to not derail the thread heckling him about it.
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    If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)
    20k and counting...

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    Aroden - named after the (now assumed dead) God of the ancient Azlanti empire, from the Pathfinder universe.

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    Judgment Of The Ashen Verdict
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    Caleira, Conqueror of Ulduar - human female =)

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    Makeitrain - Make it rain!!!

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    SO many Male Blood Elf Paladins in here.

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    My name is Tossy!
    This is a fairly recently created character that's now my new main. I'm not sure why i named her Tossy, it just happened. All my serious toons's names start with T, and Tossy felt natural. For example my old main is named Teks, but was initally called Tekstep (after a dubstep artist long before dubstep got hot) and i just cut out the three last letters for a more personal twist. My other is called Taldy, after another player i just to be in the same guild as. (I'm such a thief).
    But Tossy is just Tossy!

    I also had a few beers too many tonight, so maybe i'm typing too much but there you go.

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    If it was easy, everyone would do it.

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