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    Oh wow... hmm... So hard to choose just a couple of them really...

    I'll do my best for a top 7.
    7. Sonic Spinball
    6. Super Smash Bros (Again, if you consider the N64 era to be old school now)
    5. Super Mario Bros 3
    4. Mario Paint
    3. Sim City (SNES baby!)
    2. Final Fantasy 8 (if you can consider that old school, if not, just remove this from the list)
    1. Super Mario RPG

    And for another couple of favorites if FF8 and SSB aren't old school - Legend of Zelda: LttP, Chrono Trigger, and Worms: Armageddon
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    Star fox: Lylat wars (Nintendo 64 YO)

    Unreal CHAMPIONSHIP (xbox1) so no not tournament nummero 1454354 but unreal CHAMPionship 1 <---- best game ever

    Rainbox six 3 (xbox1) (no not the expansio, black ...)
    W2 & W3 ofc,
    CRUSADER: some of you will know the red guy pwning
    lastly: I forgot it o ye , Twisted metal Black ^^

    pff well if u call Ninja Gaiden oldschool already 0.o & believe it or not,

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    Super Mario
    Donkey Kong
    Mortal Kombat

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    Kudos if you changed your text editor to vim so you could get more familiar with the controls!

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    Not that old school gamer but my old favourites have to be final fantasy 7 (still playing it..), warcraft 1-2 and diablo 1.. (ofcourse its sequels but they aint that old :P)

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    Double Dragon 2
    Zelda 1 and 2
    Street Gangs

    Streetfighter 2 Turbo
    Breath of Fire 1 and 2
    Chrono Trigger
    Secret of Mana
    Bahamut Lagoon
    Mortal Kombat 2
    Super Mario Kart

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    Vandal Hearts
    Vandal Hearts II
    Final Fantasy II (Also IV, was a remake of II with more stuff to do)
    Super Mario 64
    Mario Party 64
    Pokemon Snap
    Golden Axe
    Mario Kart 64
    Super Smash Bros 64
    Donkey Kong 64

    As you can see, I was a big fan of the N64

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    Rmbr kids blowing on your game cartages makes them work... O Nintendo We miss you So...

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    Almost all SNES games, like Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2, Mario Kart, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat etc.

    I really loved that console!

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    I raise you all Goldenaxe! Not sure if its already been posted, only read afew posts.

    Goldenaxe was one of my most faviourate games as a kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cypher0 View Post
    Golden Axe
    As you can see, I was a big fan of the N64
    Damn you! Epic taste sir.
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    I can't really thing of much old games, does the old Final Fantasy series count? Because I love 'em!
    Donkey Kong
    Super Mario

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    Not really a whole game, but I still, from time to time, bust out the old Lion King for my Genesis, just to see if I can ever beat that fucking monkey level.

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    Super Mario 3 on the NES is definitely my favorite. I have beat it 8 times in a row in less than a day.

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    Rock n' Roll Racing for SNES from Blizzard, formerly known as Silicon & Synapse.

    Contra 3 for SNES

    Please correct me if I'm impossibly sexy for no reason.

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    LOL! I laughed my butt off! ho ho ho ho ho.

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    Duke Nukem 3D
    So why, I ask, it just doesn't make much sense
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    I mean what, may I inquire, were you thinking on that day
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    my list of the best old schools ?

    1- Battle Tanks ( or something like that.. where you drive tank, you need to destroy some other tahnks and defend your base)
    2- Super Mario
    3- GTA 1 or 2
    4- Heroes 2 or 3;]
    5- old NFS hot pursuit.

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    Contra... ehh will be in my memory for ages!
    ...and Mario

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    Im a youngen, so my favourite old school games would have to be Donkey Country 1,2 and 3 for the SNES. Also Star Fox was epic.

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    Final Fantasy I - 6: Obviously I didn't play 2,3, 5 when they were new-- 5 is pretty essential to the series though, 2 and 3 fell by the wayside a little though 3 probably has some of the best advancements the series ever saw. 2,3, 5 were considered too complex for American audiences. (4 was fairy lobotomized for the U.S. release too, they took out a ton of abilities and items and made the enemies much easier.) Instead they gave us Mystic Quest. Pretty insulting if you think about it.

    Super Mario Brothers 2, 3
    Legend of Zelda, Adventures of Link, Link to the Past
    Life Force
    Master Blaster
    Mega Man games!

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