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    chrono trigger
    seiken dentetsu/secret of mana
    zelda a link to the past
    are the 3 first game that blow in my mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishtic View Post
    chrono trigger
    seiken dentetsu/secret of mana
    zelda a link to the past
    are the 3 first game that blow in my mind
    Totally agree with you. I would add the Final Fantasy series to the list ;P

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    Any Apogee game. Commander Keen!! Cosmo!

    Wolfenstein 3D.

    Sonic 3.

    Micro machines!

    Super Mario World.

    Lion King & Aladdin & Jungle Book games!

    Theme Park.


    And Frogger. /shame

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    Commander Keen, Dan Dolme, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past, FFVII
    "Keelah Se'lai"
    "Tali'Zorah: Just so you know I'm running a fever, I've got a nasty cough, and my sinuses are filled with something I can't even describe. But it was totally worth it! "

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    Return to castle wolfenstein (pc)
    and Banjoo and kazooie

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    Transport Tycoon

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    Metal Gear Solid ah the memories
    Quote Originally Posted by Draenei View Post
    This sound like similar problem I faced on Exodar. You should consult O'ros. O'ros know best for you. Female is tricky subject.

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    Ugh I'm so happy we still have our old Sega n_n

    Sonic, Alex Kidd, Wonder Boy..
    for pc it's Lion King :3, however it's not working anymore T__T , and.. The Smurfs! lol.

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    Desert Strike
    Theme Park
    Ski free
    Sonic 2 & 3
    Mario Kart (SNES version, naturally)
    Tetris (the lack of tetris in this topic is disturbing)
    Super mario bros 1 & 2, GB.

    theres more, but names elude me. D:

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    R-type (Sega Mastersystem)
    Star Tropics (NES)
    TMNT 2: (Arcade or NES)
    Rescue Mission (Sega Masterysystem)
    Shadowrun (SNES version)
    Shadowrun (Genesis version) Yes they are two completely different games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyronius View Post
    R-type (Sega Mastersystem)
    R-type! There it was! thank you, lol, forgot the name n__n and cba to go down and check haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijen View Post
    Mortal Kombat
    I love how we like the same Captain. xD

    Ot: I love these games. My favorite game is Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. That game is just so epic.

    Edit: Oh, and Buck Rodgers Countdown to Doomsday. I love that game.... Its a shame I lost it, I never did beat it.
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    Civilization 2 all up this thang.

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    Castlevania, Mega man, Street Fighter, Twisted Metal, Contra..

    Pretty sure what I got in mind now.

    Still playing Mega Man and Street Fighter, though! Have Street Fighter Alpha collection and Mega Man X Collection. Never get bored from these games.

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    there are many games
    but i just can remember some of them
    1st : Megaman 4
    2nd : Mario series
    3rd: Street fighter

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    Chrono Tirgger, Final Fantasy 4 and 6 would be my picks.

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    I think there should be some games that we can't even find it anymore in the market when talking bout old games.. I kinda like... Ragnarok Online (RO).. It seems antique to me now.. xD.. But I saw a new version of it when I passed by a fren from OffGamers.. The installer CD he gave, i installed and I play... OMG~ COOL!! the graphic are so NICE!! well... i do met some old frenz in there xD

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    Russian Attack (hard ass game could never beat it, its for the NES)
    Mario 3
    The track and field game for the NES
    Blades of Steel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voodookiller View Post
    CRUSADER: some of you will know the red guy pwning
    This game seriously rocked.

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    Redneck Rampage // Shadow Warrior // Duke Nukem 3D

    Can anyone help me what that FPS was called in a Horror Scene...??
    Its from the same makers as summed up here above.

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