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    Patch 4.0.1a Bug Fixes

    Patch 4.0.1a Bug Fixes
    Originally Posted by Ujumqin (Blue Tracker)
    The following issues have been addressed in the 4.0.1a minor patch.

    • Using a "/cast!
    • Mousing over objects that generate a cogwheel should no longer cause the client to freeze or disconnect.
    • Guild Tabards should no longer display on characters not actually wearing the Guild Tabard.
    • Floating combat text should always appear.
    • NPC Health Bars/Nameplates are now appearing correctly.

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    Pit Lord Zeror's Avatar
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    I got a Landro's Gift Box in my bags, but patch 4.0.1 broke that box. I can't open it currently. I hope this patch will fix that too

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    Cog fix is great to hear, but why can't they adress the slow ghost gryphons? :<
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    Nice! I can finally summon HH now! =D

    I want faster dead gryphons way more than that though

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    Finally, nameplates are back!

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    No mention of the infinite pet bug for hunters...

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    This patch is a complete joke isn't it?
    Not even playsound api or ghost flying fixed

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    The Health bars/Nameplates and cogwheel fixes make me a happy camper

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    Mousing over objects that generate a cogwheel should no longer cause the client to freeze or disconnect.
    Finally!.. I was getting annoyed by turning off the tooltips every single time. :x

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    Was hoping for Pet resiliance
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    fix the drakes!!!
    i want them to flap there wings!!! lol
    my proto drake looks weird just soaring.

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    How about not being able to inspect..... -_- I hope these aren't all the fixes..

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    Great, now just make it so I can uncheck 'show offline'

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    Good news, I was experiencing every one of those bugs.

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    I hope the cogwheel fix also fixed the problem with certain items giving buffs disconnecting you. I drank my Filled Festive Mug and it booted me from the game.

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    Nice fixes, but I still wonder about one in particular that isn't in this list:

    Sound lag.

    Since the patch, for example on boss fights, I have major sound lag. This means that everything just happens
    normally, but the sound 'gathers up' and then suddenly WOOOSSSh unleashes all the boss sounds/screams/warnings/whatever
    in a matter of a few seconds. That's really weird because you can hear the sound of Frozen Orbs long after Toravon is dead for example.

    I'm really confused on how to fix this, I tried numerous things but nothing work.
    Anybody else got this problem? ( it's not only raids, but also sometimes with mounting/casting spells etc. )

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is what I like to hear.

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    BtA items are still too expensive

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