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    Quote Originally Posted by Calaba View Post
    Maybe not, but i'm pretty sure they announced the old DM Librams being removed. So no more Dire Maul rep. Perhaps they'll add some new way to get rep there, who knows. So no-one new will be able to get that.

    They said, they're bringing in new cards for DMF, though. These new ones (hurricane deck, volcanic deck, etc) all give 350 rep each according to Wowhead. So, presumably they stay and you can still get rep if that's your last faction.

    But yeh, the Insane title is a feat of strength, and there's an expansion coming, so there's little use moaning that it's no longer possible to get, any more than complaining about being unable to get "hand of adal", or the ZA bear.
    Yup, Shendra'lar is being removed and bloodsail as well. You will still be able to gain rep with the Cartel, but will be unable to do the Free Knot quest in Dire Maul. Ravenholdt and DMF I believe are staying as of this moment. But anything can change.

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    Al'Akir was... *sniff* beautiful. Really lets you get the feel for what they want in Cataclysm. Their tank was going low but it wasn't bursty instead it was more like healers actually fighting the damage rather than going "Meh I'll just do what I was doing before *spams holy light*" and he stayed at low hp without just getting destroyed by huge hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    Good thing it's relatively easy to remove adds, including text based and overlays.
    Not the point. You shouldn't HAVE to go through extreme measures (any 3rd party solution is IMO extreme) to remove ads so they dont make your web-experience uncomfortable.

    So long as the Curse network keeps their promise to not have the ads included in not be as disruptive (think google style ads) then it's a win in my book.

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    Damn, the riddle with those 5 statues in sunken temple is erased? come on!

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    Is there any word on if we are going to get any patch notes?

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    Wait that patch was going to fix stuff? mage glyphs are still messed what wth did they fix/brake this time.

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    The "Insane in the Membrane" comment confused me. Is there a blue post anywhere confirming which factions are being removed in Cataclysm?

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    The stream is pretty cool I'm glad I get to watch for a while, even if it's at the office!:P

    The music though... is not.

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    Boss down on the first stream.

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    Yeah the Ensidia 10man downed Al'akir. Looked too easy until his flying phase, 4 ppl finished him off.. hmm that storm looks too dangerous.

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    hmm that dagger quotes yogg saron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfbee View Post
    I am proud I use add blocker, for the same reason I DVR everything I watch on TV. So I do not have to see companies begging for money, be that General Motors or, or whatever advertisers are on mmo-champ. (I couldn't tell you who they are since i found an actual add-blocker for Safari directly from Apple. I do not wish to see any advertising in my entertainment, and therefore take steps to prevent that. If people lose their jobs because of lack of advertising much the better.
    You do realize that those advertising checks pay for those lovely and fun things you do for entertainment, right? Otherwise you'd have to pay up front for those services.

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    What's the name of this German raiding group/guild?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryet View Post
    What's the name of this German raiding group/guild?
    Are you thinking of "For the horde"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dikalup View Post
    Are you thinking of "For the horde"?
    They're alliance?

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    Millenium didbanded right ? who are them ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfmarine View Post
    Damn, the riddle with those 5 statues in sunken temple is erased? come on!
    Of all the streamlining and simplification of new and old content that has occurred since Wrath of the Lich King, this is the most disappointing and needless change Blizzard could have implemented. Sunken Temple was one of the only classic, labyrinthine style dungeons in the game. There was rich lore, a puzzle to solve (beyond just who to dps/crowd control in a trash pack), dragons, and you could actually get lost just exploring the place. It felt much more like a console or pen and paper RPG dungeon than any other in WoW. Try getting lost in a dungeon like Utgarde Pinnacle or Auchenai Crypts. It won't happen, because dungeon design has been almost exclusively linear since The Burning Crusade.

    I understand WoW has evolved into a very different game since vanilla, but consider the fact that Sunken Temple was always leveling content. Even more so, it was a niche, and entirely skippable even before The Burning Crusade was released. There was and is plenty of alternative content for players who couldn't be bothered to tackle a dungeon that required a little more time and challenged them in unique ways.

    So if people complained about Sunken Temple having too much trash, remove some trash. If you could progress through the statue/puzzle phase without the trash, it would have sped things up quite a bit. There are more effective ways Blizzard could have made Sunken Temple a less annoying, more casual friendly experience and stuck with the original design.

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    So glad WoWpedia exists... WoW wiki is a piece of crap now. Have to go full-screen to view it properly, something that I -really- hate doing...

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