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    BiS Trinkets for Holy

    I've tried using the search feature of the forums, but it didn't turn up anything useful on this subject (so if there is / was a topic about this already, I missed it).

    Now with patch 4.0.1 and all the changes it brought, I am wondering how (if at all) this has affected the BiS Trinkets for Holy Priests. The reason is that I am looking at my gear, checking for upgrades and I wonder if I still have the best ones I should be able to acquire. As it is, I've always found Trinkets to be tricky to weigh against eachother properly.

    The ones I am currently using are Sliver of Pure Ice (i.e. the normal one, not the HC version) and Spark of Hope. As far as my progress (and thereby, reach) goes, I've been doing ICC10 & 25 and gained my Kingslayer title last friday. Plans are to start our guild's first ICC10 HC coming friday. I don't PvP, so that's out. I do tend to use just about all my healing spells depending on the situation, but noticed that since 4.0.1 I am leaning towards Renew (+ its corresponding Chakra) and Flash Heal. I also tend to use Chakra during CoH phases of boss fights.

    Based on that, which Trinkets would be worthwhile for me to pursue? Or are the ones I have now 'good enough' till Cataclysm hits?

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    I, for one, am running strictly INT trinkets with either a lot of throughput or regen as a use or proc. This basicly leaves me with 3 trinkets I swap between, being Purified Lunar Dust, Althor's Abacus and Solace of the Fallen(no links, too few posts! :f). Where as Solace is the most common being left out in the cold.

    As I see it, since we run few healers and therefore hopefully shorter fights, I do not need the regen as much, at least I haven't been forced to use anything but shadowfiend since 4.0.1, which hasn't really been necessary either. The intellect now grants you spellpower along with mana and a tiny bit of crit, hence the best main stat to go for in 10man, in my opinion. With that said, do not go solely for intellect, mix it up with haste as well.

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    You can check this.


    It should still apply for most stuff.
    I'm using Althor's Abacus and Purified Lunar Dust myself (no access to heroic versions).
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    Glowing Twilight Scale is definitely BiS for holy priests. On a lot of fights. used at the right times, I see the healing from that trinket equal 8-10% of my total healing done. As for the second trinket, probably Althor's Abacus for throughput or the 258 Solace of the Defeated for regen.

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    If you don't need regen, Glowing twilight scale and Abacus. If you need regen, H:Solace and Solace. That's about it.

    If you don't have solaces, purified lunar dust or sliver of pure ice are decent alternatives for regen.

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    I've been running H Solace and Abacus for months now, no mana issues. I only run dual Solace for mana-intensive fights (Sindragosa, BQL, sometimes Putricide)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalmah View Post
    If you need regen, H:Solace and Solace.
    Everything else Kalmah typed up is right, except for this. It should say "If you need regen, H:Solace and Spark of Hope". With a secondary Solace being an alternative, before the Lunar Dust or Pure Ice.
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    Thanks for the info! It gives me something to look out for . Much appreciated.

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    Spark of Hope is no longer attractive now that SP on trinkets has been converted to Int.

    BiS regen trinkets: H. Solace + PLD
    BiS throughput trinkets: H. GTS + H. Abacus

    BiS as Holy is definitely H. Solace + PLD now. The extra Int outweighs the Spirit difference with normal Solace. BiS as Disc is H. GTS + H. Abacus easily.

    If you're under 1,313 haste Dislodged Foreign Object and Charred Twilight Scale are the top throughput trinkets as Holy. With reforging there's little need to roll on these two anymore unless you're stacking Mastery.

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