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    wth .. thats it ? after 2 weeks thats all they could come up with ? ((((( how about the slow ass ghost mounts ???? , or the Inspect not working every time .. or the Sound bug mentioned before ..... 2 WEEKS

    BoA items are intended to be more expensive .. not a bug ..

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    And slow spectral gryphon?

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    What about not being able to inspect? and more importantly the horribly slow flying mounts when ur dead...

    Edit: and of course the frost wyrms on speed. Looks seriously stupid atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velox View Post
    BoA items are still too expensive
    Intended changes aren't bugs. Sorry to break the news bud.

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    the show offline bug you experience is from the epgp addon bro

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    and ppl crashing in phased zones?

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    Hallelujah! Not having enemy name plates was starting to chap my hide!

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    What of randomly spawning with 1hp on a Graveyard?
    What of the unbelievabaly slow ghost gryohons?
    what of the permanent gliding of flying mounts?
    what of the buff icons displaying too far to the right over the map?
    What of textures from shadow trap not showing?
    What of not beeing able to inspect?
    What of when you manage to inspect it jumping to some random raidmember? I have seen Fury Druids and Retribution Mages...

    and I actually hoped they would fix the dps balance a bit more.
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    so they thing thats the only BUGS??? fucking retards blizzard`` and sorry for the curse``

    but what the hell... u teleport u get dc or freeze u enter portal the same
    u log from other char to another and u get freeze.
    wtf... is that

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    right clicking off buffs? Addon sound requiring sound effects? spell queueing working poorly? Not even mentioning all the hundreds of class bugs.

    /sigh, what a disappointment.

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    Did they fix Heroic Halion? Meteors coming down right as someone enters fire from shadow, people not zoning to fire when clicking portal from shadow, and among other fun bugs make the fight reallllllly fun.

    Or how about the inspecting bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higg View Post
    Hallelujah! Not having enemy name plates was starting to chap my hide!
    Dude, same here. I was getting wrecked in battlegrounds because I couldnt see all the enemies. and I kept missing extra mobs during raids because I single targeted thinking there was only one mob when there were two+.

    finally some peace.

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    nice bug fixx now just fix the right fucking annoying buggs

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    Hahhah.. and yet people still complain. Am very happy for this patch.

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    No fix on sound issues huh. Lightning bolt sounds still the old sounds.

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    but they fixed the most important thing:

    # Guild Tabards should no longer display on characters not actually wearing the Guild Tabard.


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    The heirlooms are adjusted to lvl 85 JP income which is as it should be. And to be honest I wonder if they actually gonna make any new heirlooms, consider that the current heirlooms are mostly there because leveling gear SUCKS but all that gear is redone, and the gear from 80-85 isn't gonna suck at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higg View Post
    Hallelujah! Not having enemy name plates was starting to chap my hide!
    learn to get an addon for that (tidyplates work perfectly fine)

    also haven't noticed the damage numbers bugging anymore.

    would like to see the inspect bugg and the slow flying ghost gryphon being fixed, as they are both rather annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magruun View Post
    What of textures from shadow trap not showing?
    Well, I can actually help you with this issue. Go to your interface and uncheck the option for "emphasize my spell effects." This wasn't so much a bug, just a really stupid option they added and decided to make it on by default.

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