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    And they still haven't fixed the ability to buy Northern Spices from the vendor in Dalaran, guess these prices must be getting quite high now on the Blizz solution of - try the AH.

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    wondering if i could get some thoughts here: i have one account, four toons. Main toon is able to loot etc. Other three cannot loot, cannot mine, cannot collect herbs. Blizz says dump wtf, cache interface.. been there done that.. did nothing. Been repeating this to them over and over and over. Gets me nowhere. I have dbm, decurse, npcscan, recount as addons -- have not installed rest due to continuing issue with looting.

    Am also unable to buy spices

    cannot leave an instance in boomer -- says i dead.. obviously no im not

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    Yes! Blizzard fixed five bugs! Now only 1,735 more to go. I would have to write a book to even begin to detail the bugs that came out with the last patch. I have been playing this game for years, and this is the most buggy patch I can recall. Dragons don't flap their wings, spectral gryphons don't show up or are very slow, upon zoning out of an instance after dying you come out alive in the actual zone of the graveyard, can't buy cooking spices, can't use some skills, don't get the buffs for some skills, random disconnects and crashes, random high latency, characters at the Argent Tournament attacking thin air for no reason, running in place after visiting the Argent Tournament grounds, Auction House pages not showing up, can't inspect people sometimes... Just to name a very, very few.
    I know that Blizzard is spending a lot of time working on Cataclysm, but in the meantime, we are left playing what is currently available on live servers. These critical bugs should have been hot fixed the next day, and the rest of them should have been fixed with the "bug patch". We are paying a lot of money to play this game; I would think the billions of dollars of revenue for the company could at least purchase us a stable playing environment. It's time or Blizzard to set a standard. This type of junk is not acceptable.

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    Idd man, my "spirit bond" healing numbers still arent appearing over my head, and ofc "spiced mammoth treats" arent giving food buff to my pet/s
    It wasnt enough to fuck up hunters, they fucked up our animals aswell
    Greenpeace where are you!!???

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