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    Spirit Mend macro.

    I'm looking for a Macro to cast Spirit Mend on myself without having to target myself. Anyone know one?

    /Cast [Target=Fayhn] Spirit Mend
    /Cast [Target=Player] Spirit Mend

    Doesn't work =/.

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    /target Graviton
    /cast Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)

    just replace graviton with ur hunters name

    Also with this ur current target doesnt change at all, u can continue shooting / whatever, and heal at the same time.
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    or more simple without targeting anyone

    /cast [@player] Spirit Mend

    not sure about /cast,maybe you need /castpet,and best way to copy Spirit Mend is to link it from your spellbook to your macro edit,so you can't have any typo and it will be right

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    It's just /cast, don't worry.

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    I've just been using this one;

    /cast [target=player] Spirit Mend

    Maybe could be the [target=player] is case sensitive. Also being aware of your pets range from you is helpful, you may have to call him to your side/within range.

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    I was looking for a macro that would heal a friendly target or heal myself it target was hostile. This is what I found.

    /use spirit mend
    /use spirit mend[target=player]
    /use mend pet

    I have a command to use mend pet in there cause you can do both actions with one button.
    ~Also if anyone could tack on a mod key command to target pet it would be appreciated for I am not quite sure how that command works yet.
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    target= has been replaced by @
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    Search function is your friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by redsunrising15 View Post
    #showtooltip Spirit Mend
    /cast [button:2] [@player] Spirit Mend
    /cast [button:1] [target=focus, exists, nodead],[target=pet, exists, nodead] Spirit Mend

    left click to cast on yourself, right click to cast at your focus, or pet, if your focus doesn't exist.

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    I use /cast [target=mouseover,help], [target=lussil] Spirit Mend

    Lussil is my hunter's name ofc. What it do is if I dont have a friendly mouse over target, then it heals me, else it heals my mouseover target, as sometimes it is nice to cast it on other players

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    /cast [@player] Spirit Mend
    This should work, if you need to go to your Pet's spell book and shift+click it in.

    Also, the one Redsunrising15 said is good, but you'll want to change the click to a modifier... as you know... clicking = bad. :P

    I think this should work, someone correct me if wrong.
    #showtooltip Spirit Mend
    /cast [nomod] [@player] Spirit Mend
    /cast [mod:shift] [target=focus, exists, nodead],[target=pet, exists, nodead] Spirit Mend

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    I had to use the old version cause I am new. I think the "at" designated my post as having a website in it.

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