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    Computer freeze

    I tryed overclocking my e8400 from 3.0 to 3.6 ghz , i did this by leaving the voltages at auto , setting the memory to linked and increasing the fsb by 10 each time then restarting untill finally it got to 3.6.

    it worked ok for like an hour of playing the temp stayed low only slightly higher (37 degrees c vs 35 degrees c) than when it was at 3.00ghz but all of a sudden it froze. so i restarted it but when i started up it froze again before everything was loaded.

    So i went in the bios and reset eveyrthing at default to see if it would fix it but when i restarted it, again it froze after startup.

    I started in safe mode with networking and it worked fine, it didn't freeze. i restarted it and started in normal mode and it worked and didn't freeze....untill i restarted the computer again then it would keep freezing at startup unless i started it in safe mode, rebooted and then started in normal mode

    So basically the only way i can run it normally is by running in safe mode then restarting the computer into normal mode >.<

    Any suggestions for help?

    thx very much

    e8400 @ 3.00ghz
    680i sli
    thermalright heatsink
    4gb ram
    1tb harddrive
    250gb harddrive
    killer nic k1

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    Seems to be a weird issue and not particurlarly hardware related.

    Fresh installation? Maybe you should try to re-install (newer) drivers.

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    it's getting worse and it's really random now somtimes i can log in and it works for hours..i started it up this morning without safe mode and it worked for 8 hours then a sudden freeze now i can't get back on normal at all

    When it freezes the mouse moves it just wont let me click anything if i already have task manager up its still responding and shows things increasing/ decreasing in memory like normal

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    Now when i switch it on it goes to a blank screen with coloured lines along the top then after a while it restarts...
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