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    -- Lay on Hands no longer restores mana.


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    It shouldn't take 1:55 for the kickass part of the song to start. By then, everyone is logged in except for new character creation.

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    I honestly have no idea.
    One more beta built with no changes to enhance shaman ty blizz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrgnDancer View Post
    /mourn for Unholy nerf, though I freely admit it was kinda needed.

    Interesting Rogue buffs. I'm a bit concerned about: Mastery: Main Gauche. I'll have to look more carefully at the math, but on the face of it Combat Rogues have a hard cap of 42 mastery. I mean, I don't really need more than 100% chance to proc an extra attack do I? With other Masteries additional points give you an extra x% damage to such and such or an extra x% healing to such and such. Ours gives an extra % chance of it happening. Once I hit 100%, it's gonna happen. I'm done.
    Blizz have said that combat ratings got too high in Wrath and that this should not be happening in cat. Expect not to be capping any other stats than Expertise and Hit this expac.
    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    Possibly, but you're the one calling a man a unicorn because he's got a cone taped to his head.
    Zenexa-Frostmane EU // 6/7 M 6/10 M // 691 iLvl

    Currently inactive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondExtreme View Post
    Spriest's get a nice nerf. :/
    Agree... i cried inside a little bit

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    Holy crap, people actually complained about Deathwing's roar? I watched the entire video waiting for him to do something...he sounds like he has a mild cough now.

    When will people stop making things boring through their whining?

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    Yay changed rng based racials.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Vampiric Embrace now heals you for 6%, down from 15%.
    I knew it.. I KNEW IT!
    VE was BEGGING for a nerf. :<

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    With no screetch, it's ok.

    Now they just need to put in some blizzard humor, like give him a santa hat while feast of winter veil is active and similar.

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    Where is the Screech?! It sounds dull now ... Soooooooooo boring!

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    i must say the login screen got ALOT better.

    im so glad they removed the shriek.

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    This login screen is much better! =)

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    Do you have "Clean" version of the login background ? (I know Cata, sometimes it takes 1-2 seconds for icons to appear, which is great for clean screen shots)).. Or can data mine out the image..

    I want to set that as my 1920x1080 desktop, without the buttons/login :-)

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    Steady Shot now scales from 2.1% of Ranged AP, down from 10 of Ranged AP.
    Chimera Shot now deals 28.8% of Ranged AP + 973 damage. Up from 24% of Ranged AP + 401.

    7.9% RAP coefficient stolen from an ability used 4 times every 10 sec to add 4.8% RAP coefficient and 500ish damage to a 10 sec CD spell

    this sounds like a nerf, which was obviously needed, there are 0 hunters in WMO top charts -.-

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    Thumbs up for the new login screen. I don't really understand CS nerf though, ret seem very balanced in pve atm. /shrug i don't have a beta key.

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    yaaay another retribution nerf =/

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    Well that's a relief, regarding the login screen. I was starting to worry if I had to continue with the loginrace to avoid the horrible screech
    Although I do think the new screech is pretty awesome, way better than the last one, it would be annoying to hear it EVERY single time you log in

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    I want a pretty deathwing login screen T.T

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    Good thing mage mobility was buffed...


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    Seems I'll rarely hear the screech. Saddening.


    On the offchance you actually have the build Boub, mind seeing if Running Wild for an animation yet?

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