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    Trapped in the vortex. Thank goodness we have broadband here though.
    A low ominous growl is better than a shrill shreeking roar. The problem is that the other roar just plain sounded bad. It's like something being out of tune, just makes me cringe and want to smash something. Sindragosa is that way now. Glad they changed it. I'll shut up.

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    Oh c'mon shadow priests, even you knew you needed a little bit of a nerf don't QQ your heart out.

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    40 second cooldown on the Holy Words? That's a bit much don't you think?

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    Hah i am totaly trowing that shout out of my hunter bar once patch hits. For the focust cost its wortless.

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    Holy priests lose their second hot (which was AWESOME for pvp)?
    Shadowpriests selfhealing gets nerfed to the ground?

    And yet mages get YET ANOTHER talent to kite? WTH?

    @Seref: It's not that its too zoomed in, Deathwing is just the biggest thing ever to walk azeroth.

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    lol @ MS debuffs.

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    I'm just baffled by how blatantly enhancement shaman are being ignored. I sincerely hope it's a troll and they're fixing all our problems without posting them... This is seriously ridiculous. In other news, GC has time to flirt with people in threads instead of doing his fucking job:

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    not enough roars

    I think someone needs to refer the sound guys to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, I hear he does a lot of voice overs these days.

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    I can't make up if that's a retribution buff or nerf.. it's like giving on one side and taking from the other side.

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    They sure are trying to make fire viable for pvp.

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    I am sad they are nerfing unholy, is that really needed?

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    Im worried about the Woly word nerf. If Holy Word: Sactuary gets a 40s cd with 18s duration is now becomes way way worse than the Druid versino Efloresence, which is already more powerful than the priest version.

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    "-I hate how hes facing the [our] right, so used to the WotLK loading where the dragon faces the left..."

    People will ALWAYS find a way to complain about something. ._.
    I love the new login screen. :3 And can't wait for the events to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    where does Cruddly Puppies Land server lies?
    Changa, The Celestial Defender
    Quote Originally Posted by Aerias View Post
    Go play spam-tard Glad spec if you want to act like your keyboard is a piano. Arms finally has its soul back.

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    The racial changes make sense. Is there a full list of racials anywhere? Will there be further changes?

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    sweet! Rawr!!!!!!

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    •Molten Shields now causes your Blazing Speed effect to also removes any movement slowing effects.
    •Blazing Speed now dispells all effect that prevent movement.

    Aren't you guys misinterpreting? seems like a nerf.

    prevent movement=root
    movement slowing effects=snare

    So fire spec mages have blazing speed remains the same as it is currently and frost/arcane mage speccing into blazing speed can only have it remove root effects, no?

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    /mourn for Unholy nerf, though I freely admit it was kinda needed.

    Interesting Rogue buffs. I'm a bit concerned about: Mastery: Main Gauche. I'll have to look more carefully at the math, but on the face of it Combat Rogues have a hard cap of 42 mastery. I mean, I don't really need more than 100% chance to proc an extra attack do I? With other Masteries additional points give you an extra x% damage to such and such or an extra x% healing to such and such. Ours gives an extra % chance of it happening. Once I hit 100%, it's gonna happen. I'm done.

    Edit to add: OK, dug up some more info on Mastery Rating vs Mastery Score. It would take a phenomenal amount of Mastery to hard cap. Makes a lot more sense now.
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    BELFs racial hit hard. Was a decent PVP race for the horde with the magic miss chance and the additional silence. Now, it's just basically a silence, and sometimes beneficial against Boomkins, one hunter shot, and Arcane mages which don't exist in PVP. LOL.

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    Crusader Strike now deals 115% weapon damage, down from 150%.
    OMG! Your buff to TV wasn't big enough to justify this huge nerf to CS!

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