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    how long does it take

    to level a druid from 1-85

    i play wow 12hrs a day and im going to be using zygor guides

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    You'll be done in a few days, don't even need a guide.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    is feral the leveling specc

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonx View Post
    is feral the leveling specc
    Both Feral and Boomkin can do fine. I'd always prefer Feral so you can tank as well though.

    EDIT: But yea, if you play ~12 hours a day then it'll take you only a few days. The boa gear and all the buffs leveling has gotten over the past years is insane. It's really quick nowadays.
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    Are there still people using those lvling guides?

    Blizz work was in vain

    edit: join a guild to gain (at least) the +5% increased exp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom
    Not to mention that some people play the game because - OH MY GOD - they think it's fun. Not everything is about owning the shit out of people in PVP or raping the meters or single-tanking/healing Marrowgar etc.

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    i dnt have any boa items

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonx View Post
    i dnt have any boa items
    Have you played to 80 before?

    If you really want to fly, google "wow dualboxing" and use the autokey program. It's ridiculously easy. Send a recruit a friend to yourself, start an only basic WoW account with it. You get 3x XP from EVERYTHING (quests, mobs, every time you get XP you get 3 times as much.) Use the BASIC wow account as your primary (you make the other one follow and assist you and it copies your key commands, super easy) and that way you can just do gathering quests on that ONE account as it can grant a level to the OTHER account every other level. Ie.. take the "go kill x amount of x" quests on both characters but only take the "gather x amount of x" on the basic wow account. Then when you pull ahead a level of the main account, you just grant a level.

    With the quest changes, it literally takes no more then 20 hours to get to 60 this way. Faster if you've played before and use certain classes (feral druid being the best class/spec for this as it's straightforward and you move fast. Don't bother with rotations, run up and mangle and mobs die in 2 or 3 seconds.)

    This stops at 60, however, so then you switch back to your main account and head to BC. BC levels take about 2 hours per if you've done them before, less on a non-PvP server. WotLK levels are about the same, maybe a bit longer. Cata levels are maybe 2-3 per. Using this method you should, conservatively, hit 85 in <80 hours. So 6 or 7 days.

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    The only reason you should need a guide is if you're not going to pay attention to quest txt and random drops. Otherwise the quest flow is easy if you pay attention. It was like this pre-cata, although a little harder, more grind worthy and no cut scenes.

    I leveled my druid as feral and it was really easy & efficient. If you go feral just quest like mad and queue as a dps in a dungeon asap all the time & take the easy/free xp & gear from the dungeon when it comes. You'll get lots of XP and you get to change it up every once in a while as you grind to 80. Once you're into cata zones start to queue as tank more often for XP + do the quests associated with all the new dungeons as well as starting to collect gear to begin the gear grind. & do more cata zone quests.
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    ID HAVE TO SPEND £40 to get my druid to 60 using RAF £20 to transfer my 80 to the the 2nd account and another £20 to faction change him cos he is horde, il just quest til im like 15-17

    i thought dungeon EXP was greatly reduced when cata came out to stop ppl farming dungeons or are they still a good way of leveling

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    is dungeon leveling still viable then thought it got a huge exp nerf

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