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    Soloing Kael'thas in The Eye

    I have yet to try this, but I think it may be possible. I believe there will be some required pieces of gear, namely the Void Star Talisman. I also believe that a Demonology spec will be required, with

    Here's my planned strategy:

    Pre-fight: Equip your Void Star Talisman, of course. Get any buffs you can. It might be a good idea to have some other fire resist gear on.

    Phase 1: Nuke down Thaladred while kiting him. Let your Felguard solo the next three adds while you heal him. Try and stack them all in the same spot, with Capernian a bit away from the others.

    Phase 2: When the weapons pop, go Meta and hit them with everything you've got in terms of AoE, making sure to have Felstorm available for this. They've only got ~100k each with the shield having about 200k. I'd focus on the mace with the Felguard's single target as well as the stun so it doesn't heal. Pick up the staff and put it on, making sure to use the aura.

    Phase 3: When the adds all rez, nuke down Thaladred as quickly as possible, making sure to heal your Felguard. Once Thaladred is down, focus on Sanguinar, as the Fear doesn't get negated by the staff. Once he's down, move on to the other two.

    Phase 4: When Kael'thas activates, send your Felguard onto him to try and draw aggro. His fire resistance from the Void Star Talisman and any other gear you might have should be pretty high, making for pretty easy healing. The tricky part is the Pyroblasts, but between the fire resistance and his high health, he might be able to live through this. An alternative strategy is to tank him yourself and spam Drain Life the whole time, then pop a Soulburn + Healthstone before the Pyroblasts and tank one, then Soulshatter and let your pet tank the other two. Assuming you can live through this, you should be good. Burning the Phoenix Eggs should be pretty easy.

    Phase 5: Nuke his face? If you've gotten here, it should be pretty easy.

    Looking for ideas on this. I don't think you can be MCed if you're the only person there, though it might MC you if your pet has aggro (Malchezaar will use Enfeeble, which is hilariously bugged to sometimes kill you instantly instead and rez you after the duration is up).

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    actually he can mc u and than u kill your pet = reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pakko View Post
    actually he can mc u and than u kill your pet = reset.

    same with lady anastaria in stratholme. (can even mind control a DK with blood worms :P)

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    You will get MC'ed, but, it will not cause you to attack the pet or vice versa. Instead, you will actually continue to DPS Kael'thas even though you are not in control of your character for 30+ seconds. If your character actually mends your felguard is anther question.

    I think this is the way it will go since I was farming rep on a hunter to get the Lower City key to enter Sethek Halls for Anzu. The 2e boss in Shadow Labs is the ogre that yells; TIME FOR FUN! and then proceeds to MC me and the pet. However... We continued to DPS the boss even though we were not in control. I didn't cast any heal on my pet however, but it was Acturias, the new spirit beast, and it has a spirit heal from it self that is quite powerful.

    To be honest, I don't think it can be done as a 80 atm by any class. The random fear, the silence, the MC, the Huge amount of fire damage which is NOT AoE, meaning your pet will take a MASSIVE hit from the pyroblast is to much I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pakko View Post
    actually he can mc u and than u kill your pet = reset.
    I don't remember him MCing main aggro targets, so I don't think this is true. My reason behind this belief is that Hakkar will not MC you if you're the only target, though he will if you have a pet out. The reason he MCs you if you have a pet out is because he was actually able to MC tanks. My belief is that Kael'thas won't MC you because he didn't MC tanks, so far as I remember. This is also assuming you can kill the trash, which is looking very difficult right now.
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