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    A MB question

    Hello guys,
    I have a little problem over here. I tried OC`ing my CPU last night and it failed. However the computer is okay and running (I`m writing from it ) but I have some problems:
    1. It displays 7102 MB RAM on the BIOS and 8GB in Win7. I have 4x2 Corsair DDR2 modules
    2. I can`t see the fan speeds in SpeedFan.

    My MB is an Asus P5B-Plus.

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    Sounds like the BIOS is messed up.

    Try resetting the settings to default if that helps, or flash it to latest version.
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    I restarted it and that`s what caused these things I assume :S Any links on HOW-TO? I downloaded the latest .ROM and tried the flash thing in the BIOS but it couldn`t find it (I assume it only works with FAT)

  4. #4 will be more reliable than speedfan.

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