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    What healing addon do you use?

    Just curious as to what addons you all use for healing.
    I am currently using Grid and Clique.

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    true pro healers don't use addons at all for healing.

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    I only use Grid. Never been a big fan of many AddOns and I heal perfectly fine with just Grid.

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    I highly recommend using exactly what you are using. If you configure Grid right, you will find that nothing can compare. It's clean, flat in color so it melds well with the UI, and allows you to get rid of the clutter and focus solely on what you as a healer can take care of.
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    I use healbot but can heal decently with just wow raid frames it just makes it a bit easier cause of how it looks

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    Grid including corner-icons, mana bars and raid-icon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chop View Post
    If you don't use vuhdo, you are bad.
    power auras is good as well
    Just lol.

    i use Clique with the standard raid frames

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    I use mouse-over macros for healing, in conjunction with Grid. But if you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up grid, the new Blizzard raid frames aren't half bad.

    But mouseovers are a must.

    /cast [target=mouseover] Flash Heal

    NOTE: Make sure to type the name of the spell EXACTLY as you see it in the Spellbook.

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    Healbot. Main is shaman healer, sometimes play priest healer.
    Tried VuhDo at the first days of 4.0.1, when Healbot wasn't working, but I didn't like it.

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    Grid + mouseover ftw, never been a fan of clique, makes you useless if it breaks

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    Only add on I use it power auras, to many procs on holy pala to not use >.> and that's it. Imo, the less add ons u have the less that can go wrong

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    Healbot is a tricky add-on. It's great for a beginner healer... but when they use it, they get really used to it, and then find it hard to break themselves of the habit.

    Healbot is just too big and clunky for me. I enjoy a minimalistic UI: Pitbull, Grid, Bartender, Parrot, and Quartz.

    My main's a pally healer, my semi-main is holy priest, and my semi-semi-main is a druid healer. =P

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    Grid and Clique. With Clique allowing me to bind heals directly to my mouse it means I can shift out and start healing a lot more easily if needed as Shadow, too, which is handy.
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    Grid and clique - 8 heals binded to my mouse, various keys for other things (power infusion, pain suppression etc)

    I love whack a mole! =D

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    Grid and mouse over macros

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    I use mainly VuhDo, but I'm proficient with Clique + any frames, be it Grid or the default raid frames. I just use VuhDo because it's easiest to keep up to date and keep customized just the way I like it.

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    Grid and Clique

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    Grid mainly. i also find quartz very useful as well as using xperl and all my macros as mouse over macros.

    Grid - gives me up to date information on the structure of the raid, as well as classes, debuffs that i can do something about as well as a good range check and incoming heals

    Xperl - gives me slightly more precise information about a character. if a char is at -30k hp but doesnt tell me if its a tank or not i find it useless.generally i keep this on the tank as it gives me a huge amount of information to my main target as a paladin
    hp total, how much they are getting hit for. -% of hp. debuffs, buffs and current target.

    mouseover macros - i find fairly vital, it allows me to react quickly to situations and saves on input lag that you can get from xperl with a slower machine.

    quartz - i find this useful to see casts incoming casts that may result in damage.

    would happily try to answer any questions anyone has on these addons

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    I usually never reply to these redundant threads--but I feel in good mood once my meds kicked in this morning.

    VUHDO is all u need--get it!!!


    As fas as your 2 unitframes (player/target maybe target of target) SHADOWED UNIT FRAMES--simple low mem usage .

    and QUARTZ i agree is best cast bar addon for latency.

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