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    Grid and Mouseover Macros! For me its just so much quicker, and I can leave my target frame on whatever/whoever I want while still dishing out raid heals. Love it.

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    Well you can heal with anything. Saying 'if you heal better with addons you're doing it wrong' is just ignorance.

    Ofc you will heal better with addons. Without completely blind biased just trying to troll you can't even start to say that. That's like saying you aren't going to take full BiS gear because you can handle healing in greens.

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    For my alt - A holy Priest - Decursive and clique.
    You really don't need a lot of addons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrar View Post

    Hot tracking is more advanced but probably not necessary for anyone other than druids. There are hot bars instead of icons which are just quicker in general to look at duration wise than numbers.

    Cluster is amazing for anyone who aoe heals. It will have an icon and show the number of people your aoe heal will hit based on how close they are to each other. It just helps to get the max number of people hit.

    The comp to server lag has to do with spells along with player updates. Especially in 25s grid and more specifically healbot are a lot slower to update. Most of the time when it comes to spell casts it is small, but it does make a difference by the end of a fight.

    The main reason I switched from grid(when I really really didn't want to) was because of those few things and updates. Vuhdo is one addon which makes it so everything is updated at the same time. It also is always updated pre-patch and ready on patch day bugless. Once I started using it(mid wrath) it already had a large following, enough to where the developer is pretty much amazing when it comes to keeping it up. I've never once had it bug or break unlike my grid and healbot.

    If you don't mind taking time to set addons up, it's worth the change for any class. And if you really love your grid you can set it up the same exact way just with the extra options.
    Well now that sounds alot better than the earlier post. Thanks for clearing that up :P

    Ill check out on theise frames later when i get the time.
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    Grid and Clique, though i've heard Vuhdo or w/e is easier to configure. However with the changes to grid's menus since cata its not hard to configure. I still find myself getting lost looking for options under Layout and & Frame. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by feo View Post
    If you do better with addons, you're doing it wrong.
    This is about the most horrible attitude I've seen. The whole point of a healing add-on isn't to do the job for you, it's to provide all of the information that is available to you in a manner that is both efficient and easily processed by your brain. Am I somehow more skilled at healing because I can identify a buff or debuff in a list of icons rather than based upon an indicators position and/or color? No.

    It's not an interesting challenge to me to try to struggle to figure out what the current state of the raid is in terms of health, buffs, debuffs, etc. What's interesting to me is deciding what to do about that state that maximizes effectiveness of my mana and GCDs and minimizes the risk of death of the raid and maintaining that balance is, to me, the entire point, the entire challenge of being a healer. Spending extra time trying to figure out where a particularly important debuff is isn't part of that equation and isn't interesting to me.

    The same goes for using click healing or mouseover macros. The only thing an addon does here is make it simpler to manage these binds, but beyond that, using a target-hotkey healing method is necessarily slower than either of the above, which necessarily makes you perform worse. Is it an interesting challenge to take longer and have to press more buttons to cast each individual spell? I certainly don't think so. It doesn't make the decisions any different, it just makes the execution of those decisions slower.

    And, yes, I can perform my job just fine without addons, and I did for a long time, but I don't see how being able to precisely configure the presentation of information in a way that makes sense to me means I'm doing it wrong. Don't you organize your things? Surely you cannot seriously argue that, somehow, one is more skilled in a meaningful way because they can find something in a big pile of junk, rather than organizing it in a manner that makes sense to them.

    So, seriously, stop with this crap. They don't play the game for you, and if you think they do, you're completely ignorant of changes Blizzard made some 5-6 years ago.

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    Grid and mouse over macros, I started doing I with my pally in wrath and I leveled a priest, plus some focus macros help even more with a priest

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    Ive played healadin and disc priest for 6 years, tried all from basic raidframes to healbot over the years.
    I used grid in TBC (with mouse over macros) mostly because it showed debuffs, curses ect very good. + we had many periods in TBC were players used healbot had delay on healing = lots and lots of overhealing and slow healing, yea we had the discussion in guild
    In WotLK did I use healbot, it was become greatly improved. Yea i the start I was skeptical and were a grid player but I have to say hb took me by storm. The thing I like about healbot is the way you can custom the look to grid look 2. are able to bind all spells on mouse (makes you very movable in fights)

    ... so I use healbot (though I would recomment all healers to know how to use basic healing, addons tent to not work in periods)

    My conclusion is addon or no addon, nothing is "best" whats best is what works for the single player... and if a special addon makes your preformace bette,r well use it ofc!

    Best regards

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    Grid + Clique is the only real option. :P

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