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    Vote for WCIII gamwfaqs poll of the day.

    Don't let Elder Scrolls win! This is a close poll so support WCIII!


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    In case anyone is wondering, no, you don't have to create an account on gamefaqs to vote.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayirasi View Post
    You're right. Blizzard shouldn't have temporarily banned you. They should have sent a couple employees to your residence to Jay and Silent Bob you.
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    I saved a man's life today by performing brain surgery and removing a tumor the size of a quarter from his frontal lobes. God damnit I wish I wasn't ignorant though, cause I have no idea what an LSAT is. I don't know the radius of the Moon either.
    I took part in the LSAT/Cataclysm release date thread.

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    Why? Morrowind is better.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark
    I would kill a old god.

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    Another game of the decade/best character of the decade type poll I see. I'm sure the latest game to come out will win, like what usually happens in these types of polls. I'm hoping GTA3 wins honestly, it wasn't the first, but it really brought the whole full sandbox type game style to the mainstream. There were other sandbox games before it, but they were more linear, just had a giant world. Of course I could be remembering when exactly some games came out so I could be wrong.

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    imo pretty stupid to include multiple games in the same franchise in polls like this (e.g., halo 1,2,3 , all the mario games, etc...)

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