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    I'm an idoit and need some help -_-

    before we start. I'm an idoit, so lets not focus on that part.

    i just got a new ring and put it on. problem is: its stuck on. I need to take it off 3 times a week, every week so leaving it there isn't an option. My knuckle is larger then normal because i used to crack them (stop that now if you do it) so thats causing alot of problems. im currently holding my hand in soapy cold water and typing with the other, if you have any better ideas please help.

    to the mods: this is in this section cause i didn't know where else to place it since there isn't any real off topic forums. move if you like.

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    At least it wasn't the other kind of ring. Try butter. Should that fail, 'personal' lubricant works--a small tube of KY should suffice. If that doesn't work either, try a hacksaw.
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    I looked up Idoit and found this

    The way idiots spell "idiot".

    Roflmano9 said: DUDE ur A Idoit!

    COD4Life replied: You can't spell 'idiot' right.

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    Shampoo/mayonaise or liquid butter or w/e should help :>
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