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    What's Your Druid Name!?


    Lehran is mine, I think its a good name for a Tauren.

    Anyways, looking for a good name for a druid

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    Mine is still in the process of being leveled.
    Her name is Shandelare. When i made her there was no other char named thay way so im pretty happy at her uniqueness.
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    Typhone, used to be Typhon in vanilla, then i changed to Typhone after a realmchange in bc. People sometime bugg me about it, thinking i named him that due to the balance spell! >:
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    Saraldur, classic elf name :P

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    gonna make a worgen named Changealot.

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    My female night-elf druid is "Fata" - Because I think is a good name for a Druid, is a inspiration provenient from the book "Mists of Avalon" - Fata Morgana FTW
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    i know, very strange name. when i started (about 3 years ago) i loved the robin hood tv episodes from bbc. but sadly, that name was already taken. well. i was kinda nerd back then (and still i am lol) so i putted the "exe" after robinhood since that means a file is a program (atleast in windows, using mac now and never looked back).
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    Paraskeve, Female Night Elf Druid
    It means "Preparation" in greek. I use that a little in her RP, acting confident and calm because she's a person who plans things out a lot.

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    Living - Night Elf Female

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    My feral druids name is: "Wildstyler" also kinda based on the hardstyle artist: wildstylez

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    Paws. I still wonder that it wasn't taken.
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    Just a made up name.

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    Arano (after server transfer), before it was Aranohtar.

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    Mine is Droodguy, kind of unoriginal but I like it.

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    Inc. originality; Jaguera

    Ty Rivellana for the sig!

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    My female Druid is named "Yelle" after a french electropop singer I like. My other (male) Druids name is "Fangorn" but I might change it to "Forn" or "Falas" because I created the char without knowing about the lotr-reference

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