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    Fable 3

    So, Fable 3 just came out recently, and I bought it. I have always been a fan of the Fable games, and knew by reputation that this game would be just as fun as the rest. Turns out, I was right. I played it and beat its main story missions. I am going to have to say, of all the games in the Fable Franchise, this one was the one I had the most Fun with.

    What are your thoughts on Fable 3?

    Edit: I will say however, there are some flaws with the game. Like a simplified UI, and literally no need to buy new weapons, as your weapons level with you. I was a bit disappointed in that. Also the lost of some skills like aiming, which made it less button mashy in fable 2. But that's just some hair on a cake, pluck it off and eat.
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    I 100% agree with you on it being fun, Lionhead would have to fall flat on it's face in the creation process of a Fable game to make it bad. The Fable series is just amazing.

    My only problems are with the FPS, it gets laggy sometimes but that's expected in such an open world game.
    I didn't like how you get to rule as King, it made it feel almost strategy based by going turn by turn on kingly court like hearings, but I don't want to give things away for people just looking for feedback on the game.

    And cosmetically I liked that the Hero Weapons changed with your actions in game and the Character customization through clothing was far better imo, and the hair styles.

    Overall I'd give it a 9/10, it really left me wanting more and I hope more DLC is available quickly.
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    aaaaaargh still waiting my CE to come ... rage rage rage ... i soo wish it comes tomorrow to ruin my concentration to scholl for about week
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    Darn microsoft games! I have to wait till PC version comes out early 2011, cause i'm definatley not going to see this on playstation 3, sigh.

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    i do not share any of your feelings im afraid.

    I GREATLY enjoyed the first fable, one of my all time favorite games. it was not perfect, but it was fun.

    fable 2 fell flat on its face in the extreme for me. I had no attachement to anything in the gameworld save for my dog. Your character could max out everything...which i felt wasnt fun since there was no specialization or choice. he looked like a retard when he was strong (i actually had to align his personality and clothing just so to make him passable) the boss fight was completly anticlimactic. There was no real choice if you wanted to keep playing after it, you had to bring your dog back or you couldnt find treasures. The combat was a joke seeing as how you couldnt die, instead just got scars. I was so unimpressed that after i beat it i sold the game back at gamestop immediatly.

    I had hopes for fable 3, i hoped they would make the gameworld matter to you, they do not, its even more polarized then before. The game peters out halfway thru and turns into errand boy. The weapons were a complete let down. the progression system was even more stripped down then fable 2,a nd provided even less choice.

    overall i was left wondering WTH they were thinking, they turned a game that i thought was supposed to be about choice, into a game where there was hardly the illusion of choice. and there was not feeling of attachment to anything in the game save for the dog again.
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    The Lost chapters is probably in my top three favorite games of all time, but fable 2 and 3 failed to meet up to their predecessor in my opinion. What I loved about the first game is that whether you were good or evil, you looked like a total badass. This new game, the only time you looked anything like what you did back in the good old days is when you are charging a flourish.

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    I'm a sucker for RPGs so I really enjoyed the first two, but I have to wait for the PC version to come out to get the third.

    IMO, however, the second one was a complete rehash of the first. Combat was basically the same, nothing new in the character's personality department which was what made the first game quite original. And to top it off, they basically copy and pasted the story: (Mild spoilers of the first two, and probably third, games).
    -Start off as a child, learn the basics of being good and evil
    -A tragic event occurs.
    -Grow up, become a Hero.
    -Go back to the town you grew up in.
    -Do some menial stuff.
    -Go to a dark forest area and fight balverines.
    -Oh shit a huge troll just popped out of the ground.
    -Fight in an arena thing.
    -Go to jail.
    -Get out of jail.
    -Fight a pathetic boss in a very anti-climatic way.
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    >.< i played the first and second on xbox then my xbox broke. i really hope they put 2 and 3 on PC.

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    Fable 3 definitely is coming to PC, but 2 didn't and probably never will.

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    I enjoyed Fable 3, I'm a big fan of Lionhead games (Fable/Black and White)...capitalizing on the idea that you can be good or evil is a fun and interesting concept. The game definitely is not a Dragon Age or an Oblivion, but it was enjoyable. If only they could make a game that combined the fun, comical mischief, and the good and evil theme with the length, map detail, and open ended themes of Oblivion, that would be an amazing game.

    All in all...
    Pros: Lionhead changed some of the more annoying aspects of the game that had been in the past (all that running), and emphasized choice on your path through the game.
    Cons: Extremely short story-line, it felt like they were relying a little too much on the side quests/misc quests to lengthen the game as a whole.
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    Overall it was ok. Buggy, FPS problems, short main story, and shitty interactions, but if you can ignore all of those, why not.

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    Thought it was a great gamenot as good as the previous ones, the FPS problems need to get sorted.

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    meah, I dont have Fable 3 but hearing & seeing , I dont like it ;o Ive played fable 2 & I didn't like it that much compared to fable 1

    Fable 1 pwnd , 2 was meah, & 3 well, ive played 1 & 2 so need to play 3 also, but that will be soon, but I hear/see alr fps problems? no way dude ;o

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    I haven't bought it yet, but I might solely because of the cast

    For real

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    I <3 it. Best Achievement there. "Gnome Invasion". How to get: Kill all 50 gnomes.

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    I really enjoyed all the fable games and this one is so engrossing I love it! There is one thing I don't like about it though compared to the others, being a pure/good male hero makes you look like a... well... raging cross-dresser! He has purplish-white skin with butterfly eyeshadow! It is way too gay for my liking, no offense. I didn't make a evil character yet, but I'm going to soon!

    I noticed some of you said there are FPS problems but I honestly haven't seen any and I don't have an HDTV, but I did once have this problem where my gold trail disappeared for about 5 minutes, but that was my only issue.

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