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    Tenzin, the Unspoken

    Tenzin the Unspoken (Subtlety Rogue pre Battle of Darrowshire)

    Other titles:
    Blackhand of the Scourge (After Training and the Battle of Darrowshire)
    of the Lithic Dawn(Post death of Arthas)

    Age: 32 at Death
    Race/Class: Former Human Subtlety Rogue, now Human Undead Death Knight.
    Personality: Used to always sell himself to the highest bidder. Didn't care who died and where just as long as he got payed. Death never sickened him; he always made sure it was honorable and not children or innocent wives at pray. Praying on this lack of respect for others lives. The Lich King slowly tormented his mind, slowly changing his perception of what is right and wrong when it comes to murder, well before getting sent to Darrowshire.
    Likes: Stiff drinks, the scent of death and women oh and money. Definately money.
    Dislikes: People that can't mind their own bees-wax, himself, talkative people and the holy light (since conversion).

    Now, where was I? Oh yes..

    The Inauguration

    I don’t even remember why I was there... Probably hired by some corrupt aristocrat to thrust my Kunai through some poor bastards heart. I’d never felt remorse for anything in life, I suppose that is why the transition was easier for me. Then why did I fight? I could have just ran... It seems I had already lost my free will.

    The battle was gruesome; sure I had seen many a man die to my fist and blade but this... Marduks’ forces, they hungered for our blood, our flesh.... our souls... No fear, sacrifice for glory. The dead struck with hatred, as I saw Redpaths’ men fall, I saw not only their bodies perish but also their souls in burning agony. Have you ever heard a soul burning from within? Locked within the curse of undeath? I bet not... I know I hadn’t...

    The river of life ran red with the blood of the dead.

    My skills kept me safe for the most part, a few cuts where I had made mistakes but many ghouls and zombies had fallen before me. Their rotting flesh had no satisfaction in cutting it; it just gave away to brittle bone as their bodies fell apart. Human flesh on the other hand. I guess the ghouls had more of an unending hunger than a satisfaction from piercing soft living flesh, as the blood pours, the ghouls delight in the gorging, I delight in the screams of men, or in most cases, the lack there of. Watching something or someone die used to haunt me... I guess things do change with time...

    I had already lost myself to this madness. When I don’t know but all I knew is that the seed was set.

    We were winning the battle, the arrival of the Silver Hand put things in our favour, their chargers cleansing rows of undead and they healed our wounded, including myself. Then they came... never had I ever seen much... savagery or darkness. They swept over the battle field like a blackened mist, Joseph Redpath had been converted, the touch of Marduk tainted his body against his own whim. His soul trapped within the shell of a sadist freak.
    His taint spread through the most powerful of Josephs’ men, including myself Plagued and corrupted, we swept back into the town. I attached my Kunai to a rope and set about ending those in the town. Never before have I slain a child, that and a woman that didn’t want to kill me just as bad. I threw my Kunai straight into this kids back, he wouldn’t have been any older than 3. It pierced into his ribcage opening his chest and exposing a small lung still breathing.

    I could not stop myself.... It felt....nothing... endless nothing.

    I pulled on the rope and pulled his ribcage out from the rest of his severed body, the cracking noise.... the final screech..... the sound as I tossed a dagger at his head piercing in between the eyes and mounting the skull on a nearby house. The cold shiver of unjust death would have shattered my soul, lucky for me I just lost mine. I knew it was wrong but I had no choice.
    As I stood I saw Joseph thrust his sword through his own daughter, his armour covered in the entrails of the one thing he sought to protect with his own life.

    We killed off the remaining survivors, thrusting our blades into the weak. There was no satisfaction, no glory, what I had I sacrificed for? Funny that my one noble act in life became my sickest nightmare and maybe the sickest part of all, for some reason I could not regret tearing the body and soul from a child.

    I was now of use to only one person...

    I was born again...

    Well that was an awfully short chapter wasn't it. I guess there is more to see in the preparation now isn't there?

    Chapter 1: Preparation.
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    The darkness..the gore..the mercilessness... I LOVE IT!
    The second pic is very fiting to the story aswell~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telcular View Post
    The darkness..the gore..the mercilessness... I LOVE IT!
    The second pic is very fiting to the story aswell~
    you would.

    how i am spose to be the mentor if u are the older DK? :P

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