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    Seriously, what the hell is going on with all those Hunter nerfs?

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    Remember when Ghostcrawler posted saying they wanted to increase PvP longevity 2 days ago?

    This is it, boys. They just wrecked the shit out of PvE to make PvP fights last longer.

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    oooohhh this patch is gonna be delicious.

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    Yay! Searing Totem range increase!

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    Rogues already pretty much fail as combat...but nerfing it

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    Are you sure you aren't picking up the changes mentioned in this post regarding abilities scaling as you level?

    You are saying Sinister Strike now only deals 42% damage down from 100%. That corresponds to the link above...

    "So as an example, Sinister Strike is currently planned to do 42% weapon damage at level 1, with the percentage of weapon damage rising per level up to its maximum potential at 80. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rycul View Post
    The guy that works at Blizzard who thinks up all these codenames... I want his job.
    I believe Boub said he just makes up these hilarious codenames.

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    lotta reductions.. this brings warr inline with the rest of the melee?

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    That warlocks that's just joke right? They should just write :" Damage of Warlocks reduced by 12%". Meaningless blizzard meaningless. That's just like, nerf everyone because they're gonna "overdmg" our fights.

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    WTT warlock nerfs for mage buffs plox!

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    Interesting change to Light of Dawn!

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    * Elemental Reach now also increases the range of Searing Totem by 7/15 yards."

    Oh thank the Earthmother.

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    MASSIVE Resto druid nerfs. My god.
    But just nothing to slim down the tree (OK, they nerfed a talent by removing the ability to invest one more point in a talent, wow, great way to deal with problems)

    And no Resto shaman changes either. Maybe to address the massive AOE healing deficit?

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    I know : \, I just dont know why they nerfed the non threatening part of feral, surely its the bleed damage people are moaning about.

    and as for mages...I see its still ok for them to 3 shot people : /

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    All those warlock nerfs? What the hell? And hunters too? And they continue to increase mage dps, I don't understand.

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    Bring back eyes of the beast!

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    Divine Storm, 60% weapon damage!? LOL!

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    Now with Hunters it's like:

    Hunter: "20%? KILL SHOT!!!"
    Enemy: "Aw(...) it itches"

    Seriously Blizzard, atm hunter's damage its already ridiculously low :\

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