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    why blizzard, WHY!!! My druid tank was already being booted from groups for being bad, and you just HALVED OUR THREAT AND COOLDOWNS!!! >.>

    RIP my druid alt, I think I'll role another combat rogue, they're better tanks than druids now...

    edit: ah what the hell, 90% weapon damage for ambush? blizzard are you even looking at yourselves, WHY WOULD WE DO AN ATTACK THAT DOES LESS THAN AUTO ATTACK?!

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    Why are they nerfing every single attack rogues have by half?

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    Hoping its not just me but are they serious with these rogue changes? Reducing the damage of many of our moves will just put us farther in the hole. Yes I know this is for level 85 balance but even at 85, we get no new dps abilities and from beta we are not doing so hot as it is.

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    Awe I was excited for Lil' Alex /QQ

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    Nerfing hunters...? Blizzard are you serious? Hunters are currently the most broken/UP class (together with some other specs of diff classes) and you nerf them even more?!

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    Wait what.

    This build is the strangest ever! Most abilities does under 100% wep damage now, and hunters got NERFED?! They blew hard already! And they barely touched warlocks and mages? While still allowing enh shammies to burst hard as fuck? Well... I guess I'll just get to see if my predictions of this build being even less balanced are true in a few hours.

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    Rapture now cannot occur more than once every 12 sec, down from 6 sec.
    I assume that's just worded wrong, but my question is did they revert the change to Rapture and make it 12 sec CD again?

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    Warriors aren't looking so good. Fuck

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    So Protect the Innocent wont give me an extra heals when I heal myself? /sigh was really hoping to put points on it for my Ret paladin. But Im happy DS is useful again, but 60% weapon dmg makes me want to throw up. As for the DK changes, I think blizz hates Frost DK *cry*

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    What the fuck is going on? Rogues are already crap and now they are doing these major damage nerfs? This got to be a joke.

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    12% nerf across the board for warlocks is weird... I mean I can understand doing it to some of the harder hitting things but why do it to stuff like fel flame, shadowburn and searing pain which all did weak damage already?

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    What's new about the Shadow orbs? I'm pretty sure the 0%'s are wrong? Explain!

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    Nice changes :>

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    Wow, fury just got crushed. And we were already falling behind in DPS.

    And Divine Stome now costing mana: LAME. Not to mention only doing 60& wep damage. Jeeze, gonna toss that ability right off my bar.

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    They reduced every Warlock spell by the same 12%? I've never seen something so lazy. How can that be "balanced"?

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    The nerf balls are flying everywhere today! Dang. Though I can understand the druid nerfs a bit - I felt like I've been killing things a bit fast and made it feel unchallenging.

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    boo for warrior nerfs...but i guess the fury spec WAS a little O.P. for a minute there...*sigh, it was cool while it lasted. (Raging Blow from 150%wepdmg to 80%? WTF? I'd take 100%, even 90%, if you're gonna bring up the mastery growth rates, its only fair, i suppose. Drat....

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    For once the typical and almost total lack of DK mention in the patch notes is a good thing .

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    Blizzard when asked about what to do about rogues: TO THE GROUND BABY!

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    NNOOOOO! MY Lil' Alextraza!

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