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    LK HM 10-man by Coup Détat -- Rshaman POV <<<< try it in youtube to see the kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    You're kidding, right?

    Genuine trade pugs can hardly handle LK normal.

    Congratulations guys - nice to see it branch out a bit more!
    I guess somebody is on a backwater server. Arthas-US 4 months ago there were pugs clearing it on 10m. I can't even imagine how it is after the patch.

    Oh and a certain post earlier had me rolling. Pure hilarity.

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    My attempt at being less of a pessimist was choosing Dawnbringer as my choice of server.
    I regret somethings! (like setting this in my signature)

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    alf mabrook min Dubai ya shabab!

    always awesome to see fellow arabs in WoW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Its Electric View Post
    I guess somebody is on a backwater server. Arthas-US 4 months ago there were pugs clearing it on 10m. I can't even imagine how it is after the patch.

    Oh and a certain post earlier had me rolling. Pure hilarity.
    i agree that there has been a lot more LK pug kills nowadays, but i doubt there would be many HC LK pu kills, it would take a bloody good group to get him down

    grats on the kill guys
    You be trollin', no we be goblin

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    Was it a 10man kill? I have seen plenty of 10man hc pug kills on my server (calender invitation/realm forum recruitmen), and I did 11/12 10man hc twice on an alt in two different trade channel pugs a few months ago. Congratulations though with the kill.
    However I would like to point out that this probably isn't the right forum for such a feat, even though arabian guilds seem like a niche in the WoW raiding community.

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    Good job, Keep it up ;>

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    Quote Originally Posted by essenca View Post
    for future 25 man pure arabian guild >
    thats racist

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    Congratulations from Serenity (Horde) Auch-Eu.

    We were talking about you the other day, and wondering where the guild appeared from.

    Thankyou Sinnikal <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veina View Post
    Im really happy for you guys but it is kind of awkward, arab only guild?
    I'd like to see reaction of people if there was a White only guild.
    I'm sorry but what do you mean? Arab is not a colour, it's an ethnicity and the common trait is that it's people who speak the Arabic language. That's like saying that a Swedish or French guild is racist. The point being that the language is the thing that's important because of the communication part in raiding and PvP not the looks of the person. To the Arabs whom might feel offended or something by the people spouting nonsense xenophobic trash, before the Arabs it was the Soviet etc. People need and want something to hate and make fun off because that way they create identities for themselves that well plus the fact that most people on the internet are douche-bags.

    Grats on the kill and good luck in the future.

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    Good job guys!
    from Montréal/Canada

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    way to go1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medika View Post
    Uh, good job. But I'm not sure how impressive it should be at this point, considering PUGs can almost do that...
    What realm/faction are you playing at? Must be full of only good players that don't have guilds. LK HC is still hard since one mistake from one player will most likely mean a wipe + you still need high dps and good execution to not fail on enrage timer. Good communication is also necessary for CDs on tanks/where to move towards in p2 etc. On my realm there's only a few guilds that did LK HC still and almost no pure PuGs manage LK normal.

    Good job guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohshift View Post
    i bet the whole guild was using engineer bombs.

    I can see why everything says banned...

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    I had no idea the middle east had internet, let alone had a fanbase over there. Gz to you guys. I guess WoW is all over o.O

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    First, second, it's still an achievement, good job to you.

    Don't you suffer really bad lag playing on a European realm though? I would imagine it would be pretty difficult to do so. And I expect to even find a full arab guild would be pretty difficult so I suspect this is a lot harder for you guys than it is for others.


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