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    first lk hm by arabian guild

    Coup détat first arabian guild that killed the LK HM at 16 server time in Auchindoun server, i hope we get some support from mmo champion just to raise our reputation to get more arabian players to expand our roster for future 25 man pure arabian guild >

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    thanx, it was a really clean run 10/10 was a live and we did it with one tank prot paladin and 3 healers rest dps video will be there soon.

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    Gz guys
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    Wooo Arabia!

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    Good jub guys!
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    Wewt! Well done =D
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    Also, here is a link to my Döppelganger ^_^

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    i bet the whole guild was using engineer bombs.


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    Uh, good job. But I'm not sure how impressive it should be at this point, considering PUGs can almost do that...

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    thanx all, its really nice to see all this comments, will do our best to keep it up. actually nitro boots was a great help in the fight.
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    Congrats! Thought it is late in the grand scheme of things, it's great to see WoW becoming more popular in places it didn't even touch in the past. Best of luck to you guys in the future and the coming Cataclysm.

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    what servers you guys play? EU?!

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    Congratz from Brasil, guys!

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    Auchindoun hordes <EU>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medika View Post
    Uh, good job. But I'm not sure how impressive it should be at this point, considering PUGs can almost do that...
    You're kidding, right?

    Genuine trade pugs can hardly handle LK normal.

    Congratulations guys - nice to see it branch out a bit more!

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    Congratulations on the kill

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    Mmtaz arabia. I took like half a semester of arabic :P

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