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    About cataclysm digital DL

    Hello, Is there only 700mb to DL atm in the launcher for cataclysm pre downloading ?
    That's realy sucks because we are going to DL 4.0.3 patch + cataclysm, so probably no time to DL that before 7 december.

    (Sorry for my english :3)

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    As i understand (i could be wrong) but we got the majority of the data in patch 4.0.1, i cant see how updated systems could = 8gb of data in that download

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    i got it and also only downloaded 700mb so far. guess the rest will come at release.

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    I >think< I saw a blue poster stating that the only thing the download is missing is patch 4.0.3(a) and the cinematics which'll be patched in as well somehow. As already said, most of it was in patch 4.0.1.

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    I bought digital pre-sale too and it was also only 700 Mb additional dl. Found it a bit wierd but i guess we already got the most in patch 4.0.1.

    My guess is we get the rest with 4.0.3 + another small pre-download for digital pre-sales to patch 4.0.3 to cata.

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    4.0.1 after the two predownloads and the 1.5gb or so on patch day was in total just under 10gb. We most likely have a majority of all the data just waiting to be unlocked ( the Cata cinematic has been encrypted in our files for some time now )
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    We have all the data, all that will come now is additional beta changes. if you open up the mpqs the whole new world etc is in the game.

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