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    Red face Fan made: Deathwing fight

    Okay, so blizzard has already stated that the "Actual" deathwing fight and the storyline behind it after its defeated is REALLY different then what we have seen from the past.

    I really have a cool storyline to share and during that fight what we will be able to do in it to actually make it stand out from all the raid bosses around.

    During the start of the fight:
    We will face Deathwing on his human form.

    We will be able to fight Deathwing in a room full of lava and volcanos.
    1- He will cast a few random debuffs on random players Called Curse of flesh turning them into skeletons and fearing them into a lava taking Lots of damage, the only way to remove curse of flesh is to use a drum around the room, you can ONLY use 16 drums in 25man and 7 drums in 10man.
    During that time if the drums run out, things will get harder and it will be a 'soft enrage' Deathwing gains 2 new abilities called

    One of them which include: "Summon Fire Elemental" he will summon around 10 fire eles every 20 seconds, Which the raid have to kill as soon as possible, as it gets harder and harder each time he summons 10. He will be able to summon at least 50 eles during a fight.

    Other ability is: Earthquack: The floor shakes beneath your legs knocking you back 20 yards every 2 seconds into the lava. People will need to get back to deathwing asap to avoid dien and taking lots of damage from the lava.

    (soft enrage of this phase) during the ending of this phase, there will be 4 circles in each corner of the room, Players will need to go to it leaving none of this circles empty.
    Deathwing will cast Lava and the whole room will be flooded with Lava.

    [PHASE 2ish]

    He will turn from Human form to his very dragon form:

    During that time, all players are stunned for 2 minutes seconds and he will be having an RP with Alextra:

    *Alextrasza Flies above players*
    *Leaving Deathwing in shock.
    Alextrasza: Finally. Deathwing.. i see through your eyes... Your rage has turned many of us in danger, many lives have lost within your power..

    Deathwing: Hahaha (The floor shakes... Interesting, The lifebinder has finally showed up? Is it really you Lifebinder...? Am i really facing life itsself? Show me what its all made off.. i wanna see What living means, Lifebinder. i wanna Feel What it is to actually be alive. But you.... You have entertained me for too long.

    Alextrasza: I will kill you with my very own claws if i have to, Deathwing.

    Deathwing: It's funny how you call your self 'the lifebinder' and yet you killed your VERY own brother, Alextrasza. Malygos was just saving us From all the magic to all the mages from taking its true power, Why would you ever think an innocent blue dragon defending magic would do much?

    Vaelastrasz *Flies behind Deathwing without him knowing*

    Vaelastrasz begins to Cast [shadow flames] on Deathwing but as he casts Deathwing Dodges and it hits Alextrasza*

    Alextrasza turns into a human form and falls to the ground and hits the ground very hard, as it hits the hard, the floor shakes.

    Deathwing: You see Alextrasza.. Even your friends could betray you at some point... And you Vaelastaesz, its about time you finally show up.. unguarded.

    [Phase 3] Begins
    *Deathwing Flys and roars into the air and starts to Earthquack the floor beneath*
    All players have to defend Vaelastrasz so he can finish Summoning malfurion stormage.

    Players need to jump every 10 seconds at the same given time while using the cannons to hit deathwing to interrupt him from successfuly damaging Vaelastrasz [this phase will take about 4 minutes long]

    Once Vaelastrasz is done with his summoning, he notices nothing is coming out of the portal.
    "Deathwing laughs"

    Deathwing: Fools.. You really thought an arch druid would come and defeat a dragon like me?

    [Phase 4] starts
    malfurion comes from the air to the ground with his bird form.


    During this phase. Players will have to take the rope on the ground and cast it on Deahtwings chest (Watch the beginning of the cinematic where they put an armor on his chest due to massive heat he has)

    about 5 ropes on 10 and 10 ropes on 25.

    People will have to focus on this phase ALOT.

    Random colors will pop up.
    on the screen [UI ALIKE]

    If it says blue, all players have to press blue at the same time]

    Ending of this phase: Cinematic starts: Deathwings chest armor falls to the ground....

    Deathwing: AAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MALFURION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Malfurion: and this was just the beginning, Deathwarder.

    Deathwing: Casts Tragic Blow on Malfurion

    "Malfurion falls into the ground."

    Vaelastrasz tries to attack Deathwing from the back but deathwing casts shadow wings on him and he falls to the ground awell.
    They both start to melt... from the heat..

    Deathwing: You see what you have done.. You have caused yourself a tragic end, both of you.

    Suddenly out of nowhere Alliance and Horde ships pop out of the air

    Deathwing: What?

    Garrosh and Varian wyrnn Jumps with a parachute to the ground

    Varian: The Alliance have arrived, and within its all glory, you will finally have mercy.

    Garrosh: The Horde has arrived And within its true power, you will finally see the true meaning for the HORDE!

    Varian above Deathwing on his right wing

    Garrosn above Deathwing on his left wing

    And destroys his both wing.

    Alextrasza was pretending to be dead so he wont be killed. She heals Malfurion and Vael.
    they both Resseruct.

    Deathwing begins to explode as he explodes

    Malfurion casts a shield that will will avoid the explosion damage, and instead it will heal the whole world, the heal will run at a very fast speed and u will see azeroth healed.. and turns greener and Greener..

    Suddenly: Garrosh notices Varian.

    Garrosh runs towards Varian with gorehowl

    Varian is not noticing garrosh coming from his back.

    [Cinematic ends]

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    I admire you creativity, i really like some of your ideas especially the defending one.

    Others i'm not so found of

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    I wouldn't call that leaked... :S

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    Just no....

    as the guy said above me, fan ideas like yours are worthless compared to what blizzard does
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemsadictos View Post

    Fan ideas always made my brain bleed.What Blizz does is countless times better than every fan idea.
    This. Fans posting their "awesome" boss fight ideas always crack me up.

    Stop doing it, you're not special, no one will care.

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    I want to smack you for such a stupid title.

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    I also want to add that the title is misleading and the end favours the horde. Even though I'm horde I hate horde fanboys.
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    /facepalm at the title
    Must... resist... posting... huge... animated GIF...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolatinia View Post
    Thats ur opinion.
    mine aswell.
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    Misleading titles are misleading.

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    Please refrain from trying to attract attention with misleading topic titles in the future please.

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    During that time, all players are stunned for 2 minutes seconds
    2 Minutes Seconds`?

    Really bad grammar, really bad spelling, really bad ideas, but it´s good that you are creative, maybe you have to learn bit more
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    This guy is a tool ban him

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    that was so fucking horrible i regret taking 30s to read it

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    So bad... just so bad go away your "idea" stinks.
    Oh hi

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    So he just made all this up? That's a lot to just come up with. Sounds like it would be fun
    And also I agree his grammar is unbearable.

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    This poster is my nomination for Troll of the Week! Congrats, OP!

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    Sorry but... it doesn't sound like too much of an interesting fight.

    Pulling ropes? Using cannons? From where?
    Alex just pretends to be dead throughout? Vael hits Alex? Garrosh and Varian chop off his wings?
    Where are the other Aspects, where are the other faction leaders, where is Thrall...
    Pressing random colours on your UI, and ... no.

    The part I like is the introduction of the Skybreaker and Ogrim's hammer, they deserve a place in the fight, as long as we don't board them, they can just fly around looking pretty...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolatinia View Post

    Deathwing begins to explode as he explodes

    [Cinematic ends]
    This, I want to see this though. It is also pretty signature worthy if I didn't already have a good sig

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