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    Hyjal after the 15th time through was painful. I would 'accidentally' spill something nearly every hyjal run during trash that I needed to clean up.

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    The scary thing is I'm seeing almost every response including a majority of WOTLK raiding content (sans Ulduar). I hope WOTLK was just a learning experience for Blizz and it's not a sign of worse to come

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Roberts View Post
    ToC, The Eye, VoA, take your pick.

    Oh and the original 10 man Stratholme was horrific too.
    The original Strat/Scholo instances were ALLOWED to be raids, but you had to do the quests in 5 man because they weren't raid quests. Pre-nerf this was difficult and challenging...but mostly annoying. I usually did guild only runs if we were trying to do quests. But with people who knew what they were doing (guildies) it wasn't too bad. Most people just formed raids because it was easier and faster, not because it was required.

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    Personally I think the whole of TBC sans Kara/ZA was horrible/boring...

    And I hate it when people say "Oh Naxx was so easy, blah." Then link your Undying achievement if it was so easy <_<
    (I've done Naxx40 too)

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    ICC - after the 2nd run was just painfully boring.

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    So VoA, ToC, RS, and Naxx 2.0 top the list, which are all WotLK raids. GG Blizz.

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    I found the encounters in ToC interesting in mechanic but the instance itself felt useless. What made it more frustrating is that even in the easy times we are getting how its still retardingly hard to not wipe, people just don't remember how to do the fights.

    ICC bored me to tears, to tears I say!
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    Molten Core. At least in VoA the trash looked different from the bosses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bisond View Post
    The scary thing is I'm seeing almost every response including a majority of WOTLK raiding content (sans Ulduar). I hope WOTLK was just a learning experience for Blizz and it's not a sign of worse to come
    Nope, just people responding about stuff that's fresher in their minds. The gripes and groans from 4 years ago are largely forgotten by people it seems.

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    not rely. any 1 boss raids is just lame imo. a good raid need 5-6 bosses imo. not a lot more, and not les than 3 atleast. and there need to be more than one trash pack before each boss dunno why, but it make it feel more real, not just jumping from boss to boss.

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    Moltencore sooooooo sleepy doing that for the 1000th time.,.....,,.

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    ICC for being a real borefest. Who would have though that the raid instance containing the Lich king would suck major ass?

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    Terrible terrible ToC

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    VoA and toc by a huge margin. Rest was actually at least decent. Can't really understand people complaining about tempest keep or magtheridon though.

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    ToC. Got my one Insane run done and got my steed out of there, so never going back. ^_^

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    ICC didn't suck, well until it was out for a whole year and we all ran it 50 times. ICC was generally a well-designed instance that I had fun in until most of the team just got bored.

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    hyjal 3rd wave and you were bored
    Ruby sanctum way to dissapointing for 10 months of ICC
    ICC for pointless and god damn boring trash
    TOC for being short and "half a raid"

    I blame ICC on the community who complained about the lack of trash in TOC... damn you people seriously
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