This thread will show you an easy, three-step way of getting a list of all the addons you have installed.

1. Log onto the character whose addons you want to list.

2. Run the following script. Do not press any keys after you hit enter!
/run local b,n,e for i=1,GetNumAddOns()do n,_,_,e=GetAddOnInfo(i)if e then b=(b and b.."\n" or "")..n end end local a=CreateFrame("EditBox")a:SetMultiLine(true)a:SetText(b)a:SetScript("OnChar",function(s)s:Hide()end)a:HighlightText()
3. Hit CTRL+C (CMD+C if you're on a mac) to copy the contents of the hidden edit box the script above created.

4. Tab out of WoW and paste your addon list wherever you want it.

5. Back in WoW, hit any key to disable the edit box and re-enable normal keyboard interactivity.