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    Enchant Off-hand for priest/mage/lock?

    Hello, quick question...
    After looking to cata enchant i spot something unusual..this enchant... db.mmo-champion . com/s/74235/enchant-off-hand-superior-intellect/ (remove space)

    Enchanting: Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect
    5 sec cast
    Hypnotic Dust (6), Greater Celestial Essence (4)
    Requires Miscellaneous, Shields
    Permanently enchant a shield or held item to increase Intellect by 100. Requires a level 300 or higher item.

    Does it mean that priest/lock/mage can finnaly enchant their offhand when they hold 1h in main hand? Like book or orb....

    PS: Sorry if it was allready posted ^_^

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    Response printed on recycled electrons.

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    Finally! Been waiting for them to do this for a long time.
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    Yep, and I was pretty happy to see that considering I felt that casters got jipped of their offhand enchant while I could happily enchant my shield.

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    The problem with this is that Staves may fall behind 1h+off :S

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