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    Question 50 Million Players Worldwide

    So I just saw a banner advert on this very site for "Perfect World International: Rising Tide". The banner boasts "50 million players worldwide!".

    wtf? WoW has 12 million and is the most subscribed MMO in gaming history. How the feck can they claim "50 million players"? :P
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    I've never even heard of that game.

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    Might be because it's free to play, or shall we go into Maplestory which have over 100 million subscribers?

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    F2P, plus just people subscribed, not active accounts. I'm not sure what parameters make it not count but yea.

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    Maybe there's another version of Perfect World that's huge in Asia or something but none of us have heard of it. I have actually played Perfect World (once) and I didn't really like it but whatever. I'm guessing they're got 50 million accounts signed up rather than actual active accounts.

    EDIT: While I'm editing this for typos I may as well add that these tacky, brash claims the developers make for their games make me far less likely to even want to try them. Especially sleazy ads for games like Evony lol.
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    Ill start by saying theyre using "World wide" the same way Blizzard is using "Subscribed." To make their game seem more popular.

    Im also shocked that you didn't know about this game. They are HUGE. With different versions covering several regions.

    The International Version, which is mainly North America and Europe, has a smaller player base of around 2 million registered.

    The rest would mainly be from the Asian versions of the game.
    50 million isnt really that many Asians, is it?
    (However, they do have smaller licenses in a few other places)

    Perfect World Co.

    Stock Information
    It doesnt mean much but their Stock per share is almost 3x the value of Activision/Blizzard.

    Side note:
    I love the game's character creation. Very detailed.
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    Facebook: Farmville, I dont remem how many people it play, but wow isn't even close ..
    but lol , those arent games, those are... I dont know -.- I dont have anything bether to do so I go make a farm...

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    Perfect World is awful. A perfect example of corean grind-fest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert West View Post
    Perfect World is awful. A perfect example of corean grind-fest.
    It like Runescape, it was a TERRIBLE game, but it was the first MMORPG that people ever played so they thought it was great.

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    You could create an account, start downloading the game, then quit the download, you're still a subscriber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daginni View Post
    It like Runescape, it was a TERRIBLE game, but it was the first MMORPG that people ever played so they thought it was great.
    I could say the same for MapleStory being my first MMO, but I still like the 2-d sidescrolling, reminiscent of old school 2-d sidescrolling video games.

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    They just count how many subscriptions they have.

    That does make me wonder how many subscriptions does WoW have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mijen View Post
    side note:
    I love the game's character creation. Very detailed.
    boob size-slider!
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    Played the International version. The game is a grindfest. Plus you must be a cash shopper to succeed in high level pvp.
    But it has bonus points for the character creation and the diversity of clothes/armor/weapons/mounts.

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