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    PvP gear overview

    Just a technical overview, handy for myself, so probably for ya'll as well.

    Currently the honor "soft" cap is 4000. With cataclysm this will become a "hard" cap. Any honor above 4000 will be converted into gold.

    There will be 4 Currencies:

    Honor Points
    Gained from normal, non-rated PvP activities.

    Conquest Points
    Gained from both rated battlegrounds as well as arena. Instead of a weekly reward like arena points, these are gained just like honor points, but have a weekly cap on them. This cap appears to a minimum of 1343, and raising as your Arena or BG rating gets higher. Someone reported a cap of around 2200 at 1900 2v2 rating. This cap is how much you can gain each week, as you'll be saving up for the gear.

    PVE: (not going into details)
    Justice Points
    Valor Points

    PVP stuff
    The stuff thats most relevant to us. Ill link class/spec specific stuff later in the post.

    (seperate items; ilvl 339)

    Honor point rewards
    "Bloodthirsty Gladiator's ###" (ilvl 352)

    Conquest point rewards
    "Vicious Gladiator's ###" (ilvl 365)

    The costs apply to both Bloodthirsty as well as Vicious items. The only difference is that the first uses Honor, and the second Conquest.


    Gloves / Shoulder: 1650
    Chest / Helm / Legs: 2200

    Trinkets: 1650 (including pvp trinket)
    Jewelry: 1250
    Cloak: 1250
    Bracers: 1250
    Belt: 1650
    Boots: 1650

    On the beta server, there does not appear to be a PvP weapon available for honor. As such, the costs are in conquest points.

    Tier 1 weapons
    One-handed weapons: 2450
    Shields & Off-hands: 950
    Two-handed weapons: 3400
    Bows, Xbows & guns: 3400

    Off-hand weapons: 950
    Thrown: 700
    Wand: 700
    Relic: 700

    Tier 2 weapons
    These are available from a seperate vendor, currently called "Glorious Conquest Quartermaster"

    You buy them by turning in your Tier 1 weapon + conquest points. The amount of conquest points is the same as your tier 1 weapon was.
    These weapons require a Arena or Battleground rating of 2200 or higher.

    Other stuff
    This is what I could get from the Beta. Stuff can and will change before release. Other notable stuff below.

    Tier 2 Vicious armor ?
    Currently there is an option to turn in your vicious armor at the Glorious vendor. There is a rating requirement on this turn-in so I'm suspecting this will give either better gear (unlikely) or a recolering/prettier armor.

    If you want me to look stuff up on beta, feel free to ask.
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    very nice info. thank you ^^
    do the first tier conquest stuff also need ratings?

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    At this time, the first tier of Vicious weapons and armor does not need any minimum rating. However, everyone is limited by how much points they get each week to balance this out. The 2nd tier of weapons do need rating (2200)

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    I'm new to PvP, so thanks for the info!

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    The Dead Tread Rises Again :P
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