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    I've levelled Three

    I leveled FERAL and raided RESTO on an Alliance Druid in Vanilla (back when Innetvate was out 31 point talent) Hard days, but I liked my Druid then. went from Molten Core to late AQ40. Anything I would say about this experience would be obsolete, so I wont.

    In BC I switched to Horde, I levelled FERAL with a rogue friend and absolutely carved it up (talent changes make feral much smoother the second time). In BC I raided RESTO from Mag (skipped Gruul) to Sunwell. I switched back to FERAL and tanked heroics and raids to KT/Vashj in late BC for a change.

    In Wrath, I levelled my Horde druid 70-80 as BALANCE with my brutal arena gear. Failkin levelling was quite fun then. Though less fun than with the new 4.0.1 talents. In early Wrath (Naxx>>ToC) I raided RESTO, cleared naxx, Uldar to Yogg, Toc full clear. I switched to FERAL for ICC and tanked every boss in the instance. I have also ran every boss in the instance as RESTO. FERAL tanking was amusing with Swipe off cooldown and Maul hitting 2 targets for full damage. FERAL tanking is still fun ffor single tanking, though currently, multi-mob tanking is a bit of a chore. At 81 we get thrash, a second AOE that will solve much of the current AoE issue. RESTO healing presently is a bit boring. The talents and intellect changes gave me 15k more mana, but my spell costs hardly changed. Right now, healing is a joke, come Cata, it will be balanced properly, and I look forward to this.

    Currently I am levelling my 3rd druid (lvl70 now) with BoA cloth, weapon, trinketsx2. I am levelling it BALANCE outside of instances and RESTO in instances. Outside instances, I demolish anything, balance changes + eclipse mechanic + powerful dots + an understanding of Eclipse whoring mean I can keep myself in a Nature state for almost 100% of my BALANCE levelling (which means buffed moonfire (with talents that make it nature), buffed insect swarm). Inside instances, I BALANCE healed with 0 issues/zero wipes until I could buy dual spec, then specced RESTO. Swiftmend is your core talent and it is utterly OP from the get go. Rejuv ticks with the new talents are doing 20-30% of a tanks health per tick too. Efflorescence sould be eared around the time you do Mara and it makes instances very smooth (especially when you get to BC content and you start getting 2-4 DKs in each group). Mana is stupid right now too, With the BoAs, single pack pulling will never drop me below 95% mana. Double pack pulls are easy and triple pack pulls mean you might need to innervate or drink once or twice per instance.

    If I had to pick a spec I liked the least, it would be BALANCE. I cant bring myself to respect it as a DoT caster or a DD caster. The mechanics are fun, but I will always feel this spec to be inferior, and the least useful of our specs. In this however I am biased by having a warlock, who, In my experience was top caster dps in Vanilla (There was only one Mage in my AQ40 progression guild who could *sometimes* surpass me). Top DPS in BC (I was top guild dps from Mag to Sunwell, the only other contestant was another warlock who was able to beat me after I started raiding as a druid). In Wrath, I was never serious as a warlock, but I was usually top dps through ToC and ICC (skipped Naxx and Uld due to late levelling)

    The one spec I have never played is FERALCAT. While post 4.0.1 I have played around with glyph changes while CATing in BEARgear, I honestly cant comment on this spec.

    TL : DR = You want a class that is varied, can level whatever, can change however they want, can fill whatever role is needed. Be a druid. We are delicious.
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    I am strongly considering race changing my main to worgen when cata hits and leveling another nelf druid before cata as a farm gathering toon. Shadowmeld/FlightForm is so OP for that and you can gather herbs while in FF, unless that has been changed since I was last an herber on my main (currently enchant/lw) so it is a no brainer to me. Yeah it is a little backwards to level another and not see the worgen content, but I am sure I will lvl another class with worgen eventually. Need to get my hands on some more BoA gear first...and fast.

    I am thinking I would lvl as resto/balance and work my way through instances healing. My main is Boom/Feralcat - still haven't decided how I am going to do 80-85, but I originally went 1-74 Feral - 75-80 Boom with S4 PvP and TBC T6 resto gear...


    important info - I hate lvling and have no significant alts on my main server. I have a few 70s sprinkled here an there from previous servers that I left when I server xfered my main around.

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    I have 2 80 druids, and another 40some. All are MS bear. I just adore bear tanking for whatever reason. To be fair, they're all on different servers, and I don't have one on my new server yet...I'm waiting on Trolls for that one! Though, my main is a shaman...*shrug*

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    The feral dps on beta is okey i play feral druid on retail and i tested it on beta and did 17k dps on the Target dummy so im okey :PÅ

    And yes i would level 3 new druids 1 to 60 1 to 70 1 to 80 :P

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    [...] If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    Yes, for a feral druid
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    This explains a lot.

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    I've leveled three different druids.

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    My main is a Feral/Resto Druid and it has been that way for 6 years...
    And yes! I'm gonna level another druid as soon as Cataclysm is out.
    I've played all possible specs (Both PvE and PvP Resto, Bear, Cat and Boomkin, but PvE Resto / Tank has always been my main specs...) This time it's gonna be a pure Boomkin (PvE & PvP spec)
    Also, some people is annoyed because they are stuck in their forms and doesn't have a chance to look at their gear, so if you like to look at your gear, don't roll a Druid!
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    lol the second 4.0.3a comes im lvling my 3rd druid

    watch out for "Iamtrollbear" in the future
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    Yeah, I'd level a druid again. But this time I'd level up as feral, and not as resto ;(

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    Re-roll from Shaman

    I leveled my druid to 20 then used grant-a-level all the way to 50. Needless to say I was totally unable to play at all.. until now.
    Last Friday I was 50, This Friday I hit 71. My main was a Shaman, till I started playing the druid -- I can't stop.
    Shaman is broken, the QQ is unbearable and I am a part of it.

    I might go Troll Druid so I can learn the Feral tree. As for now, I'm a moonkin Tauren going for my first druid to hit 80 before Cata comes out.
    If not Troll Druid, then Goblin with something melee... like a rogue or warrior.

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    If I were to re-roll a class I have already done, it would definitely be a Druid. It was the one I enjoyed the most out of the 4 I have brought up to 80 to date. Now, the likelihood of doing the same class again while there are still so many I have not done yet, isnt high.

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    Started on my second last night (no BoA gear sadly) but Mangle and Cat form by lvl 10 is OP as hell... This is gonna go by really fast I think...

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    ma main druid(feral dps) got hacked, and it was the most challenging dps spec ive played, and thinking about re level an feral druid also

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    lvled my druid back in vanilla as cat to 40 (slow and painfull) and did the rest a couple of month ago when i discoved how fast queing up with rested exp in the dungeon finder was. had a blast chatting with all the pricks in grps^^

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    I did level a second druid halfway through wotlk because I wanted a tank and my current druid healed on guild raids. I'd level a 3rd if I even thought I'd play 3 toons consistently.

    All 4 specs seem useable in Cata. Boomkin looks like it may finally compete with other classes. Kitty always has. Bear will be on par with other tanks. Resto still has some uniqueness to it with all the hots. If you enjoy gearing up multiple specs I know of no better option. I will pick a main spec for raids and then probably something else for random 5mans or pvp. No other class allows me to switch playstyles so easily.

    That said, I play just about every hybrid class there is. The only exception is pally simply because I like every other healer class better, and I am not a fan of slow hitting 2hand melee classes. Priest and Shaman are both great, but clearly don't have the tank option.

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    You know what, maybe I would - to have a profession slave.
    My main is a druid, but if there's any class I really liked leveling, it would be druids. So... yes!
    PvE:er to the bone. Plays a druid. Also plays DotA and a whole bunch of other stuff. Listens to mostly everything.
    "We actually contracted out the creation of the equally-epic-yet-non-loot-dropping-non-boss mobs in Throne of Thunder to a giant snail. I think he did a pretty good job."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bytch View Post
    Been Druid since Nilla. Would level another in a heart beat. I leveled kitty to level 10, then went bear to mid 50's, then went resto into 70's, then went back to bear for endgame. Loved every minute of it. With my main druid, I have LW and Skinner as prof's. But, I think If I were to level another I would go LW and BS, or LW and Alchemy. Depending on my main specs. I prefer bear, but resto as 2nd spec.

    you leveled a kitty to 10? how?

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    currently levelling my third druid, horde this time, will make a fourth in Cata (Worgen) can't get enuf furr on my screen!

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    I have two 80 druids as well. You know you have found a class that you enjoy if you can level it more than once. I am a fan of Druids due to the versatility of them. They have also come a long way since vanilla. Being able to play a character that can fill all rolls can be beneficial depending on your game play.

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    I do intend on leveling yet another Druid in Cataclysm. I will probably level two in fact just to experience the new starting zones. I love leveling, so I tend to do it often.
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