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    Will there be New WoW Servers when Cata is released?

    Hi guys im very interested to find out if there will be any new servers put in when cata goes live or before cata goes live the servers im takling about is the ones where u cant xfer too at the start everyone has to start frmo scratch will there be any of those? if so when will they hit live?

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    No. Just new server to handle the upcoming population. No "start from scratch" things. Don't think they will ever be either.

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    New servers are HIGHLY doubtful, on EU there are several servers that are either completely dead or dying, if anything blizzard will do a forced server merge to get rid of the dead realms, but personally i dont even see that happening.
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    But havent they added new servers for each xpac?

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    well if they arent making any new servers can someone please give me link or tell me where i could find out the servers whcih have the lowest pop etc for US ofc cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shioji View Post
    But havent they added new servers for each xpac?
    Previous servers that where added for expansions where actually needed, however if you take a quick look at server status now, only a handful of the EU servers are High the rest are either Medium/Low, aka it is not needed.
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