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    Argent Dawn rep in Cataclysm

    Hey all...

    Can we confirm that Argent Dawn rep is still obtainable in Cata or is it out replaced with the Crusade?


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    Or, does no-one know for sure?

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    The Argent Dawn is still located at Lights Hope in EPL and the Scholomance and Strathholme will still be instances in Cata so I see no reason why gaining rep would not still be possible. If anything it might be even easier to gain Argent Dawn rep as Light Hope is changing from just the Chapel and a few NPC's set up outside to a Fort/Keep/Town...meaning that there might be more NPC's with additional quests that give AD rep.

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    From what I read, Strat and Scholo give Argent Crusade rep.

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    While leveling through WPL and EPL in the beta I've got a sizeable Argent Dawn reputation, along with the Argent Crusade one. I was up to Revered with Dawn I think, and there was one quest I didn't do for the ghost paladin, so I guess this one would bring me to exalted.
    So it's not removed.
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    If you feel paranoid about it, do a couple of Stratholme runs for the mount, and you'll be exalted before you know it.

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    Unhappy Argent Dawn Rep

    As of patch 4.0.1 none of the quests in either east or western plaguelands gives rep to the argent dawn, also neither quartmaster in the repspective forementined area's take scourgstones. Coupled with the fact that the argent dawn tabard never aided in giving rep and so far has not been changed, even if you were lucky enough to have grabbed it during one of the Naxxramas invasion events you could not use it to gain rep now. Contacted a GM about it, but he was unable to offer assistance. Looks like, at least for now, it is not possible to gain any further rep with the argent dawn.

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    There was a long quest chain that opens up repeatable quests for them, but completing the chain should get you to/near revered. That's what I remember reading, I can't double check that reference at the moment.

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    There are 2 repeatable quests at Light's Hope to kill Rattlegore in Scholo and loot something out of live side Strat.
    They give 2k rep each.
    I got my druid's AD exalted after 4.0. You can look it up on Armory to confirm if you like.


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    To open up those quests, do Fiona's caravan quest chain. You can find her at the river between the E/W PL. The ghost in the graveyard at Light's Hope offers them at some point, I don't recall how far along in the chain you have to be.

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    First of all, you must complete the "Fiona's Caravan" quest chain up to the point where the two Paladins accompany you to Light's Hope. Once you finish their quests, it will set your current reputation to Revered with the Argent Dawn if you are below that.

    Once you have done this, there are two repeatable quests offered by a Paladin Ghost behind Light's Hope, here:

    These repeatable quests give 2k Reputation each, and so you need to do 11 hand ins to reach exalted.
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    Also, I've noticed just killing undead in Eastern Plaguelands gives Argent Dawn rep.

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    I think you're mistaken about the undead in the EPL. I'm pretty sure I only got Argent Crusade rep.

    Also, if you happened to hang on to your Argent Dawn valor tokens, you can still use them for the rep. Scourgestones etc are useless though.

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