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    Green fur with blue mane will definitely be the one for my Troll Druid. So awesome.

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    I'd really like to see the moonkin forms of both races. Worgen will be funny looking at the least, owl with fangs. Wonder how crazy the troll one will be. lol

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    The troll cat with black/grey fur and the orange mane looks awesome, im liking the white /w blue and grey /w white bear forms as well.

    All the worgen cat forms look really nice (the model itself as well as the colours), the paws on worgen bear look horrific though
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    Didn't see anyone say anything about this so far...but Worgen druid forms depend on the human form hair color. Yeah, I know. What's even sillier is that, at least on beta right now, sitting in a barbershop chair in human form doesn't bring up the interface, so to change druid form colors you have to keep changing the hair color selection in Worgen form when you can't see it doing anything.

    Anyway, it's:

    Dark reddish-purple hair: Reddish forms
    Brighter red hair: White forms
    Brown hair: Brown forms
    Blond hair: Gray forms
    Black hair: Black forms

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    My main issue is, that the worgen forms (including bat) seems to be much higher quality than the troll ones....

    On topic, I love the troll forms, they look like wierd voodoo animals, which they should, while the worgen ones... well the bear looks like a very angry badger >.<

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    The Troll forms quality doesn't even compare to the Night Elf/Tauren ones. Thats how you know something is wrong there. At least we get the coolest Flight Form.

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    I got on the PTR and took some screenshots of the color combinations. Look back at the first post of this thread. I'll update it with the screenshots.

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    I've been hoping they'd change the purple mane to actually go with the purple hair, but that seems unlikely at this point, oh well. Personally, I'll probably be going with the blue bear with the yellow mane. The resulting cat is hideous, but the bear is too awesome to pass up.

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    oh thanks, useful thing
    3rd looks the best imo

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    TBH druid feral forms look pretty sick. Tigers FTW

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    Ik like the white troll and black worgen froms the most

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenHumpo View Post
    Slightly OT but, the troll cat form is damn uglyy.
    So is the Troll Bear form.

    I laugh my ass off any time I see a Troll Druid. They just look SO stupid.

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