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That depends on your definition of "grind".
I've always felt that if it's a job that you can simply automate a robot to do and YOU are having to do it endlessly, that is a grind. E.g. look at Runescape.
If you're having to coordinate people, and have to use your brain....it's not a grind, even if you're doing it for hours and hours. Progressing from boss to boss in raids, discussing mechanics, analyzing your DPS/heals/tanks is not a grind even if it takes weeks. I'll take WoW's "grind" over Aion/Lineage's grind any day...."kill 20,000 mobs in this zone to next level. level up, gratz! now kill 50,000 of these"...that's a grind.

Considering Cata has brought more changes/overhauls than what has happened in the entire history of WoW...doesn't really make sense when you say that :P
The game's difficulty, depth and quality has been stepped up substantially - if a new player was to join Wow, I am doubtless that they would be blown away and would continue to keep playing for a long time, it has never been a better time to join. We've been playing for a long time and it's hard to impress us, but a brand new player's reaction to Cataclysm would be 5x better than a new player's reaction to Vanilla/TBC/WotLK.
That was me being bored and pessimistic and well... bored... working over the holidays is never fun for me

WoW is fun... I think I get negative because of the amount of groups I join that fail (can't complete a heroic to save my life)

Seems to have improved a lot since I did 4 complete ones last night lol.

I do agree with your definition of grind though... Cata is anything but a grind. It is actually the least grindy of all expansions so far... leveling is by far the fastest and the smoothest.