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    Global Agenda

    I've downloaded this game twice, first time they didn't have the sandstorm update. The second time they did but i hardly played. I was wondering if anyone on these forums could educate me on the player base, how the pvp is and how the pve is.

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    It's very repetitive and boring. It's nice at 1st but it becomes really old, really fast.

    Pvp is kinda stupid. Rogues or whatever they are called rule it as they can go invisible when cornered and can also go melee you to death with superior damage, while all other classes are very exposed.

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    I like it a lot, its fast paced and fun. Yeah it can be repetitive but most games are. If you like battlegrounds in WoW, GA pvp has similar game play, 10 vs 10 capture/defend or hold "flags". Melee is very strong yes but thats because everyone has a jetpack to get away from it, plus every class can block it by switching to their melee weapon. And if the recon is stalking you with the melee thats when team play comes in and you need to find a healer to keep you alive while you burn him down, you can't go rambo in this game.

    You'll get frustrated by losing the Mercenary (10 vs 10 pug) games with bad teams before it gets repetitive, at which point you should be a high enough level to start doing some other stuff like "ultra max" runs (4 team pve dungeons) and "raids" (10 man pve defense against waves of robots) which after a dozen or so runs of those they do indeed get repetitive (but still fun if you play with some fun people) but by now hopefully you are in a decent guild and getting into the "end game" which is AvA (guild vs guild) of some real 10 vs 10 coordinated team play which is pretty awesome. The downside is those ava games dont happen very often so you end up playing a lot of merc games, ultra max runs and raids in between. THen theres also some 4v4 arena that I have yet to try.

    All in all I think its been a hell of a fun game to play while waiting for cataclysm!

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