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    Memory of WoW

    What was your best memory of WoW?

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    Weeks of working on TK to get down Kael. The night we got him the tank went down and a rogue evasion tanked the last 6 seconds.

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    1st - Downing Lady Vashj after weeks and weeks of constant wiping, Best feeling ever.

    2nd - Would be Finding my very first BoE epic drop (I was lvl 40-50) and selling it for 200g (Gutripper).

    Worst would be my guild suddenly going cold turkey that i raided with in TBC.

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    Solo Tanking Gruul in Gruuls lair in TBC from 20% when our Main tank died. He was at 28 stacks. I had 8 healers spam healing the shit out of me everyone was dying, I was taking hateful strikes and his increased damage strikes. The pressure was immense, the raid was screaming on vent, everyone was pulling out all the stocks to try and get him down, and down he went. Our first guild kill.

    Glorious times

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aranor View Post
    Worst would be my guild suddenly going cold turkey that i raided with in TBC.
    Better than mine, the Co-Gm got tired of TK and wanted to do BT when it came out. Apparently we weren't progressing fast enough. So, he took the 30,000 gold from the Guild Bank then hopped servers.

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    Ouch that hurts :/ Nothin worse than the feeling of someone you could trust (Even if it is through a screen), ditch you and others for their own selfishness.

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    Mt best memory of WoW was when i killed LK. But it was close we only had one tank the last 20% of his health. We barely made it, it was by far the best feeling that i have gotten whilst playing WoW.

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    I have a millom memories of wow that have changed me. It's a shame that the majority of those memories existed before wotlk. Not that wotlk was bad, I just lost a TON of good friends because they didn't want to play the expansion. One of them died, and a bunch of others moved on.

    We had some amazing times though. Mostly dicking about in Goldshire and stuff, you know how it goes. Managed to dig this up. Ahh memories..

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    my submarine. it's long, hard and full of seamen.
    Must be when I found my first epic in vanilla... the Stonerender Gauntlets, unfortunately. Still exciting though!

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    Oh i just remembered a funny one!

    Whacking the ZA gong for abou 20minutes wondering why the gate isn't opening! Vent was pretty funny, *Damn i haven't banged something this long since my Ex GF*
    Funnily enough a gong on Tv jogged that memory back!

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    That would have to be on my Orc Shaman on AB a few weeks before WotLK was released. Was doing BG's to get honored-capped for WotLK. In that AB BG we won with 2000/1990 and the thing that made it special was that I defented the farm flag while there were about 5-6 allys vs horde fighting at flag and it seems noone of the allys noticed me. Sadly there were no achievements back then ;(

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