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    My location is irrelevant to your interests

    Diablo 3 Open Console Positions! :O


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    Quoted from the video game forum rules:

    "No platform vs platform wars
    Not everybody has 17 different consoles, and some people simply prefer one thing over another. Please don't use these forums to flame one console because you like another. You are free to share your preference, if you found that you enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 on the PC more than when you tried it on the Playstation, but keep in mind that other people might not share your perspective, and let them have theirs."

    Not that you'd be breaking any rules, just pointing out the fact that nothing good can come out of these threads.

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    I would love to see any version of Diablo (preferrably 3 or a unique title) on the Xbox 360.

    Sacred 2 was a diablo clone that was reasonable, but let down by the fact that it didn't get the support the PC version did (both patches and expansions), plus it didn't have the polish that Blizzard brings.

    If they brought out a Diablo title on 360 and gave it proper support I would 100% buy it. I would rather have it on console than PC in all honesty, simply because I'm more of a console player, but I'll buy D3 on PC also.

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    I really miss the old Baldur's Gate games on the original xbox. If D3 could match any of those games' awesomeness, then it would be nothing short of incredible.

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