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    Good, I mean GOOD horror/sci-fi movies.

    Hey all! So basically, I need some more movies. I'm a bit of a horror and sci-fi movie addict, especially 'creature features.' I was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations!
    Some of my all time favorites include the 2 aussie croc films 'Black Water' and 'Rogue', both of which I recommend, the latter being the best. 'Black Water' is available on instant queue Netflix for those interested, and 'Rogue' is DvD only. So yah! What're you're favorites?

    Edit: I'll also add Primeval, Deep blue Sea, and...The Bone Snatcher. :3
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    Was that actually good? o.o

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    Aliens is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andunae View Post
    Event Horizon
    One of my favorite Movies. i Recommend watching this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andunae View Post
    Event Horizon
    The first half is good, the rest is a piece of shit

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    Alien franchise is always a winner. At least the first 2. Cloverfield is clever, but the way it's shot is miserable.

    If you want just good sci-fi then look into a film called Moon with Sam Rockwell.

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    Not saying they are going to make you shit yourself to the point you hide behind your pillow.
    However these were the first three horror movies I've watched that my memory bothered to remember, therefore I would consider them my favourite just for the fact they were the first that my memory recalled.

    The Unborn -
    The Abandoned -
    The Ring -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andunae View Post
    Event Horizon
    Pretty good movie. Seen it twice now.

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    Sunshine isn't really horror, but if you're looking for a fantastic and horrendously underrated view on the psychology of deep space and grim missions, it's your ticket.

    Other than that, Even Horizon is a favorite.

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    I agree. Sunshine is great. It was recommended to me a few months ago, and I'm surprised I never heard of it.

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    I found these movies to be enjoyable, in addition to some already listed:

    The Relic (1997)
    Equilibrium (2002)
    Piranha (1978)
    Xtro (1982)
    Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

    Be warned... in some case, my Enjoyable =/= Good

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    First Alien movie
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    I always liked Pitch Black, but will third Sunshine and fifth (?) Event Horizon.

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    Fright Night
    Evil Dead
    Salem's Lot
    The Omen(Original)
    The Shining
    The Hitcher(Original)
    Rose Red
    John Carpenter's The Thing
    Dead Ringers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fooliecoolie View Post
    I'm not trying to troll you but unless you have a fear of clowns, it's not that scary.

    Or at least I thought.

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    Ginger Snaps - Excellent werewolf horror film with more depth than most in the genre.

    Moon - One of the very best science fiction films ever made in my personal opinion.

    Children of Men - A really solid post-apocalyptic view (in this case, mass sterilization for some unknown reason).

    Jacob's Ladder - Psychological horror, solid overall film.

    District 9 - Outside of the shakey-camera effect to create a more documentary feel, this is one of the better filmed science fiction films in ages.

    Sunshine - Danny Boyle's film is great, up until the cheesy traditional horror ending, which doesn't quite ruin an another outstanding film.
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    Ever seen that haunted room in a hotel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Ever seen that haunted room in a hotel?
    The movie 1408?

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