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    Quote Originally Posted by Samalas View Post
    The movie 1408?
    Yup thats the one! Forgot the room name which is also the movie name xD

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    Equilibrium as someone mentioned earlier. Masterpiece right there with Christian Bale and other known actors.

    Its a fanmade trailer as the original one sucks donkey dong

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    Most of the ones that I would have said have already been said.
    just to throw in one more, a decent, non supernatural film is a french one called 'ils' or 'them' which is a nice example of your typical suspense horror.

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    Pandorum. Might not be extremely scary but it's a good movie with a strong cast nonetheless.

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    Silent Hill.

    Really good, u wont be dissapointed.

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    Moon and Sunshine were the first two that came to mind.

    Cube is also pretty good, I don't know if I'd necessarily call it sci fi though..

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    i don't really watch horrors, but i appreciate good sci-fi:
    even horizon (those 3 were mentioned before)
    2001: a space odyssey
    2010 (space odyssey 2)
    clockwork orange
    blade runner
    donnie darko
    v for vendetta (not quite sci-fi, but still awesome)
    planet of the apes (the original one, from 1968)
    and i guess Solaris, but not because of film, because of book which was god damn awesome and film ruined the experience for me ;p

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    I have to say Firefly (xes its a Serie but its a short Serie) the best Sci-Fi Series out there and the Movie thats end the Series: serenity

    And just for the sake that i love the Movie .... Plan 9: from outher Space !

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    Yes cube and pitch black I enjoyed! And this isn't horror but best movie ever...MOON!

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    aliens was awesome. only movies to scare the heck outta of me. saw that movie in theater and only movies to put me under theaters seats lol course i was like 10 or so at the time

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    scifi- Starship troopers (the first one, none of the others)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tamaroth View Post
    i don't really watch horrors, but i appreciate good sci-fi:
    2001: a space odyssey
    To be fair, there's really no reason 2001: a space odyssey couldn't count as a horror, it has all the characteristics of a horror film just in a sci-fi setting. Interesting movie to see such an accurate portrayal of space travel.. but the end was a bit much for me. Definitely a must see though.

    I don't know if it counts as a sci-fi but the film version of A Scanner Darkly seemed pretty good to me even if the rotoscopic animation is a little.. bizarre. Warning: super serious movie

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