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    wait a min what is that in the worgens hand? It looks like that wdjat from yugioh

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    huh whats with the talent reset?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TitanTyr View Post
    wait a min what is that in the worgens hand? It looks like that wdjat from yugioh
    It's a gnoll.... you never been to the Darkmoon Faire?

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    Chose some rather random choices in the fortune test and got druid , which is one of my lesser played of my 80s =\. We'll i guess shaman and druid are closer to me personally than what i actually play (a deathknight).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akalaka View Post
    It doesn't make sense either way, we've had flying mounts since BC and now suddenly we learn to fly them in Azeroth? Dunno why the world changing has anything to do with us learning to fly. It's one of the selling points of Cataclysm, like archaeology.
    So would be the new class combinations but they are offering that to us now. They could have also offered to us flying.

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    Anyone on the ptr can tell me an easy way to get the ''Stood in fire'' FoS?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dampo View Post
    is it total 20% removed from 71-80 or is it for every level 20% less exp?
    It is the same no matter which.
    What do they teach you kids these days?!?

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    The new fan art looks like a female Spectral Dancer from Lineage 2 ...

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    Sorry about spamming. But will this patch make it so that I can go Belf with my warrior, just curious and wanna see if I get it right.

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    No portals in Dalaran? simply means Shattrath city will be back?

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    why the talent resets we geting something new added or deleted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChildeRoland View Post
    Though I'd like the FoS, as someone else said, do you really want to have a achi that said you stood in the fire as a serious raider? (a)
    Not just any fire. It's THE fire to stand in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by battle View Post
    mages might earn a minor fortune by patch...

    Muh ha haha ha haha ha ha ha

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