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    Cataclysm and Flight Path's

    Does anyone(probably someone from Beta) know that since all the zones(or most) are being revamped, towns will be adjusted, areas overhauled, how the Flight Pathing system will work?

    Are there still Flight Paths between towns(for leveling toons I'd assume there'd have to be)?

    What happens to all the Flight Path's we have on our 80's now? Do we lose them and have to reaquire all the new ones? Do they give us all of them? Do they give us the closest ones to the ones we currently have?

    JW how all this works.
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    You get all existing flight paths or ones they've changed to

    They've added a fuck ton of new ones to make leveling even easier

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    I would assume any which are close to, or reamaining in their existing locations would still be learned.
    New ones I think we have to learn ourselves, even in old zones.

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