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    I used a Titan Fenrir air cooler at 4Ghz, and went up to the Corsair H70 (thicker radiator, newer pump and two fans over the H50) which was fine at 4.2Ghz.
    Yeah i was looking at the H70 aswell, bit more pricey but is apparently alot colder then the H50.
    Yes that is in celcius.
    From what i read, the i7 runs fine at 80-90 but i would like to get it down a bit lower, you would recommend the H70 FlawlessSoul?
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    If you can prove that all players are from Iowa, I will post about it.
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    You don't just buy a site that works just fine with a plan to change everything, it's not worth the hassle, the only major change we could do to boost the traffic is to offer Night Elf porn to the users, and I was told I can't do that.
    If i ever have a chance to fly to France, i will do so with my only intention being to find you Boub and give you a hug for being so awesome ^_^ <3

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    i7s are safe to run at 80-90 degrees, though I wouldnt recommend it due to the amount it'll heat up everything else. Most i7s have a max temp of 105 degrees, but will not be damaged by a spike of 110-115 at least.
    According to Intel, the tCase maximum of the i7 870 is 72.7*C. This equates to roughly a core temp of 82-84*C (core is usually about 10*C higher than tCase).

    [edit: The i7 930/950 is rated lower at a tCase of 67.9*C, as is the i7 980x. I'm not seeing where an i7 should be handling 90*C.]
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    Very cheap and does a great job for its price.

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    The H70 is pretty good for the price but the fans it comes with can be a bit noisy. I'd recommend going for a proper watercooling setup (as I am next week) if you're going to overclock extensively.

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