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    Quote Originally Posted by Vane View Post
    How about a regular mouse with 2 buttons and a scrollwheel. If you need more advanced hardware than that to not suck, then well, you suck.
    Once again, your an ass

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    I run with a Logitech G9x, works great

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    Razer Naga, over anything. It looks awkward but it is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used. The keypad is easily accessible, the two additional buttons next to left click are very useful, and of course being Razer has all the normal mouse awesomeness of adjustable sensitivity and quick response time. Wish my Best Buy replacement plan was still in effect so I could get a special edition "replacement".
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    Love my Naga. Wouldn't play with anything else after having been spoiled by this thing.
    I quit the game, and this happens:
    "You can now mount while under the skeleton effect of the Noggenfogger Elixir!"
    Are you effing kidding me?!?!
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    Go Razer. Only thing worth buying of SteelSeries is imo their headsets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tandurin View Post
    Go Razer. Only thing worth buying of SteelSeries is imo their headsets.
    I'm rolling with Razer Megalodon. Try them. I doubt your mind will remain unchanged.

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    Someone's going to think I'm a bot and insta-ban me but I'll say it anyway.

    You should turn this into a poll.

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    Love my razer naga....wish i waited to get that one though....Also pairs well with my razer destruction mouse pad...Comes with its own case too.
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    personally id say buy a logitech mouse. razer naga sure is good but imo all razers mice lack comfort and is usually to light.
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    i´m playing with a logitech G5.
    i also have a raser naga, but i´ve got a huge hand and a widish thumb and
    difficulties in pressing the small naga side buttons accurately.
    so i dont use the razer naga.

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    I'm really inclined to buy the new steelseries one. Read a review in which they said that many of her predecessors' mistakes have been fixed and although I'm using a Razer Imperator right now, I can't quite get comfortable with its form. Thought that the steelseries one resembles a Logitech mouse a bit more, which are usually fitting my hands a lot better.

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    I love the upper buttons a lot. My next Xmas present will be a Steelseries Gaming Mouse!

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    go with a razer deathadder it works wonder and no bloath ugly button pad on the side or go with a razer mamba (I use it but the wireless setup isnt really good but wired its a wonder )

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    I'd say Razer. Even though the Naga looks ugly ( I use the Deathadder :P ), it would be the perfect pick, imo.

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    neither, save your money they are both garbage
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    upgraded my razer lachesis to the naga about a week ago, already used to the 14 extra keys, over the 6 lachesis had. Had the lachesis and it's worked fine for the 2+ years I've had it. Where I've read the steelseries mice can have things go wrong with them within months. Also tbh the razer mice don't seem to have that cheap plastic look.

    also I've been using the trainers on the naga, since with a larger hand it is harder to press each button accurately, if every other one is raised up a bit, you can easily differentiate between them and push them down.

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    Razer makes great products and once you get your fingers "trained" to the is great and very easy to have keybinds set up. Healing with a multi-button mouse is awesome..and caster dps I think benefit the most from these. The steelseries got such a bad rep from the original wow mouse..I wouldn't go that way imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawier View Post
    razer definitely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moozart View Post
    neither, save your money they are both garbage
    Why post such an ignorant comment ?

    Go razer naga, absolutly incredible mouse, Steelseries couldn't make a decent mouse to save their lives.
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    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
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    Tried out the Steelseries for 2 weeks. Didn't like it much of at all. It was too slick in terms of texture. Very odd. Then I returned it and got the Naga. Love it. Had a Razer before I got the Naga too and it was great as well.

    The Naga though lets me do everything with my mouse. I have all my spells set up to the numpad, I only use my keyboard for movement. Its great. And it comes with these little rubber pads you can place on the 1 - 12 keys to help you get used to the feel of it. I've got mine on just 10, 11, and 12 myself.

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