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    Quote Originally Posted by jobdone View Post

    Do Formula One drivers suck at driving because they use 'advanced hardware'?

    Please stop living in the dark ages.
    Because WoW requires the same levels of concentration, dedication, skill and technology as driving a formula 1 car....
    I'm pretty sure Michael Schumacher can still drive like a pro on a regular car.

    I use a MX518 and it more than fills the quota. If I need more buttons in it then I just use modifiers, like CTRL and ALT.

    However, based on the two options offered by the OP, I'd say the Naga.
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    Razer Naga is pure win again and again.

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    I got both, and I wouldn't recommend either of them. I would stick to Logitech MX518. That's the one I use. But if I had to choose I would take the MMO mouse, Razer isn't comfortable for me.

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    Guess I am the only person who has had absolutely terrible experience with razer mice :P

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    I haven't used the Cata MMO mouse but I have been using the Razer Naga for nearly a year now. Have to say - If you got loads of keybinds it's truly an epic mouse. So easy to use. Helpful, fast, nceat, comfortable. I love it. Also if you play DotA it's helpful for inventory items. Haven't tried many other games with it so... Anyway, my recommendation is on the Naga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldrea View Post
    Guess I am the only person who has had absolutely terrible experience with razer mice :P
    Probably not , but even the best quality manufacturers in the world are going to send a dodgy item to some customers on occasion, and someone out there, such as yourself, could even be unlucky enough to have it happen twice. I suspect they wouldn't be as successful as they are if they were consistently sending out dodgy merchandise. I had a Razer copperhead for about 3 years until it broke, awesome mouse. Am considering a Naga too.

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    Id go with the Razer Naga the molton edition looks pretty awesome aswell.

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    I own a Razer Deathadder. I love it. Considering getting a Naga at some point, too. I'd go for the Naga.

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    Owner of the razer naga. It might look impractical but it isnt . It is a very good mouse , once you get used to it , you wont be able to play without.
    The fact that you doing youre rotation on the mouse frees the left hand to bother only with movement .

    There is only one downside . The mouse is relativly small(smaller than the mx512) . If you have big hands then Id say get the Steelseries mouse as it is much bigger .

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    I'd say Razer Naga.

    I dont like it much, so if you want to choose an alternative go for Razer Imperator (What I use).


    I had a WoW Mouse once and I had to return it constantly to the store because the button inside kept breaking over and over.

    I just asked for a Refund and gave the Mouse back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldrea View Post
    Guess I am the only person who has had absolutely terrible experience with razer mice :P
    Nah had to warranty my old Deathadder 4 times, eventually gave up gave it to brother and bought some cheap ass mouse that works.

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    I have the razer and the only reason i went with it over the steel series is I've read on sites like newegg that the steel series has a lot of issues. i like my razer its ugly, unruly, and gets the job done im fine with it plus as a tank to have a little faster taunt reaction time is great. but you gotta now train your thumb to be a more useful appendage rather than for just hitting space. i've had other razers before all of witch died. But mine all hung in ther till a cup of coffee got spilled on it or i burned out the contacts. but before than always a good experience with the mouse, the tech support on the other hand leaves alot to be desired. But from what i understand the steel series tech support is just as bad.
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    I have a Razer Naga in my hands this very moment and have been using it for a couple of months now. And to be honest, it's one of the best buys I have ever made for my computer equipment. Since I play WoW alot in both PvE and PvP Its so usefull. I love all the buttons on the side and its so damn flexible. If you are playing DotA aswell, you can use the switch underneath the mouse to make it go after the numpad instead. I love the Naga, it's the greatest mouse on the market by far. At least IMO.
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    The razer website actually has a pretty good little section in there where you go over the ergonomics of how you prefer to handle your mouse and then they recommend specific mice depending on your style and comfort.

    As somebody that uses the Fingertip Grip myself I found what they said and suggested to be pretty dead fricken on.
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    eveko is saying the truth. I am having a hard time playing on different mice >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xcuse View Post
    All this thread does is make me hate the world.

    What's with all the left-handed hate? There's nothing fancy for left handed people

    Using a Razer Lachesis myself, I'm really happy with it, but I'd like to give the Naga a shot anyways - but yea, I can't.
    or you can do what i do and learn how to use a mouse with your right hand instead just takes a few weeks to get used to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vane View Post
    How about a regular mouse with 2 buttons and a scrollwheel. If you need more advanced hardware than that to not suck, then well, you suck.
    Yeah, because better gaming experience makes you suck. Like it isn't more comfortable to use a mouse and a keyboard at the same time ot easen up on your keyboard keybindings? No, it doesn't make you better, it just makes it easier on the keyboard hand.

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    got Razer Naga and I love it tbh, the best mouse I had/used so far. Wish the molten version was released earlier ;(

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    The Cataclysm Gaming Mouse, isn't released until december 7th, so I guess I can wait and see if any reviews comes out before I buy either of them.

    The only real concern for me is the shape.
    I recently bought a Razer Deathadder Respawn, and my hand was hurting like you wouldn't believe after just an hour of use.
    That's how long I used that one.
    But the Razor Naga hasn't got the same shape as the deathadder, so that's good.

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    I got the razer naga this summer, and it is the best mouse i have ever used. The thumb grid took some getting used to, but when u master it, it's really nice

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